Business Owner Disputes


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  • I think my business partner is stealing money.
  • My business partners cannot agree on anything.
  • Nobody else wants to sell the business.
  • My partners are trying to kick me out of the business.
  • I’m ready to retire, but my business partner wants to keep working.
  • My business partner opened a new company and is stealing our clients.
  • My business partner moved out over the weekend and took my equipment and client files.


Like any relationship, business owners tend to grow apart over time. The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has experience advising clients during those tumultuous times, and when push comes to shove, we have the litigation experience to fight for your rights. A lot of business attorney’s don’t like to get their “hands dirty” with litigation. Not us!

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Representative business owner disputes include:

  • Dissolution of a professional services LLC.
  • Replevin action for the return of computers and office equipment taken without permission from business by departing individual.
  • Sale in lieu of partition of real estate for a business formed to own/manage commercial property.
  • Dissolution of a hair salon.
  • Dissolution of a restaurant.
  • Negotiated the assignment of membership interests for retiring partner.


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The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has strong roots in the local business community and we take great pride in helping new business get started.

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To settle or not to settle — the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has the experience to protect you every step of the way. If a settlement is not reached before trial, the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team is ready and able to litigate your case.

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Businesses of all sizes may have trade secrets or other sensitive information that can be protected by the use of a confidentiality agreement.

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The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has the experience you need to negotiate personal and business contracts, and if needed, we are ready, willing and able to go to Court to protect your contractual rights!

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