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The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team is here to assist your business. We have the experience you need.

Edward T. Pinder served on the Board of Directors for the Parkville-Carney Business Association from 2005 to 2012. Jason A. Plotkin is the current President of the Parkville-Carney Business Association and a former Business Law professor. Jason has worked in companies with as few as two employees and as many as 3,500. Big or small, he’ll understand your concerns.

Large organizations have in-house counsel; let us serve as your IN-COMMUNITY COUNSEL. Give us a call for a free initial telephone consultation.


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Common issues we advise our business clients with:

  • Commercial lease review – Whether it’s a new lease or a renewal, make sure you understand your rights and obligations. We frequently provide commercial lease reviews for small business clients.  These reviews typically include reviewing the lease and meeting with the client to discuss/explain the lease terms (generally takes less than three hours of billable time). If needed, we are ready, willing and able to represent your interests and negotiate the lease on your behalf.
  • Contract Review – Like our commercial lease review services, we can provide informal reviews of any contract your business has been asked to execute. You set the budget (time expended to review/discuss);
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Employment Handbooks;
  • Business Formation;
  • Business Dissolution (disputes among owners); and
  • Unemployment disputes (employee/employer)

The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has strong roots in the local business community and we take great pride in helping new business get started.

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To settle or not to settle — the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has the experience to protect you every step of the way. If a settlement is not reached before trial, the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team is ready and able to litigate your case.

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Businesses of all sizes may have trade secrets or other sensitive information that can be protected by the use of a confidentiality agreement.

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The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team has the experience you need to negotiate personal and business contracts, and if needed, we are ready, willing and able to go to Court to protect your contractual rights!

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