Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


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I’m behind on my mortgage and want to keep my house…

How can I stop foreclosure?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help prevent foreclosure proceedings and give homeowners time to catch up on the mortgage after failing seriously behind.  Are you frustrated by the loan modification process for your house – your mortgage servicer mails an application and list of documents, you spend days/weeks compiling the information, only to be told you need to fill out a new form or need new documents? If the modification process fails, Bankruptcy is another option to save your house.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Attorney

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy also enables consumers with more substantial assets to cut their debts down, and pay them over time. This usually applies to people who have substantial equity in their homes, and have higher incomes.

The Pinder Plotkin Legal Team offers payment plans for Chapter 13 clients. Contact the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team for a free consultation at 410-661-9440, or contact us.

Bankruptcy Disclaimer:

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 7 is the “fresh start.”  Whether you have no assets or large assets, like a house or car, in many cases Chapter 7 is a great way to start over debt free.

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