Pine Grove Middle School Crash Injures One Student

One Pine Grove Middle School student in Parkville sustained injuries after a vehicle crashed into a classroom. The Pine Grove Middle School crash happened on Thursday morning, December 9th. The cause of the occurrence is currently unknown. 

However, a news report disclosed that the Baltimore County Police arrived at the school on Old Hartford Road shortly after 9 a.m. The school building was briefly evacuated, and firefighters and EMS responded at the accident scene. The EMS personnel evaluated the injured student, and all students returned to their classrooms about 30 minutes later. 

The school officials stated that aside from the injured student, every other student and staff did not suffer any injury. The cause of the Pine Grove Middle School crash is currently under investigation. There is no additional information at this time. 

When accidents like this happen, investigators look to determine the proximate cause. Determining the cause of the crash helps the investigating authority determine if the driver involved acted negligently. If the driver was negligent, it means they breached their duty of care. In addition, if the accident resulted in injuries or property damage, the affected individual can sue the fault driver for compensation. 

The preceding is in line with the accident fault system practiced in Maryland. The victim can choose to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Whichever one the victim does, they will recover economic and non-economic damages. The money covers medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle damage, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, etc. 

Getting compensation is often complicated if there are disputed facts between the victim and the at-fault driver’s insurer. This is why it is essential to involve an experienced lawyer. 

At Pinder Plotkin LLC, our Maryland car accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge to get victims the maximum compensation. Contact us today. 


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