Are you injured in a truck accident in Parkville, Maryland? If so, you have come to the right place. Maryland law allows you to claim compensation for your injuries from the responsible party. Truck accidents are unique due to the complex laws that big commercial trucks are subjected to. Proving negligence in a truck accident lawsuit isn’t easy.

You should always hire a Parkville truck accident lawyer to represent your case and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. While there are plenty of truck accident lawyers around Parkville and throughout Maryland,  all of these professionals are not created equal. Your extensive research plays a crucial role in choosing the best personal injury lawyer to handle your case.

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Truck Accident Statistics

There were 4,761 people killed in crashes involving large commercial trucks in Maryland in 2017. There were 49 large commercial trucks responsible for these crashes in that year. Traffic accidents involving large commercial trucks are catastrophic most of the time. The U.S. Department of Transportation states that more than 500,000 accidents involving commercial trucks occur each year across the United States.

What Should You Do After A Truck Accident?

The first step is to seek medical assistance. Your injuries can be serious even if they don’t seem that way at first. Get yourself evaluated by a doctor or medical professional and retain all the medical records to facilitate the filing of your personal injury case. Call 911 and inform them about the accident. The police report plays an important role when claiming compensation from the responsible party. Take photos or video the scene of the accident. This will help determine who was at fault when filing your case.

Help other victims if there are any. Don’t forget to collect the license, insurance, and contact details of the other driver. Write down the names, addresses, and contact details of any witnesses to the scene. The last but not least step is to call a Parkville truck accident lawyer at the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team to handle your case and obtain maximum compensation.

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What Are The Laws Regarding Truck Accident Liability?

Truck drivers should have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and follow all federal and state rules in Maryland. The Code of Maryland Regulations has laws for trucking-related to driver’s licenses, vehicle inspections, weight limits, and more. If any of these safety rules were violated and the accident occurred as a result of the violation, the victim can file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party and claim compensation.

The Federal Motor Safety Administration requires that commercial trucks traveling in interstate commerce should carry $750,000 of insurance for bodily injury & property damage. The minimum liability insurance for commercial trucks will depend on the freight they carry.  A Parkville truck accident lawyer will help you navigate these laws and ensure you have proper representation.

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Our truck accident lawyers can help you by investigating and filing your claim. We will negotiate with insurance companies to get you the maximum amount of compensation that you rightly deserve. If the insurance company fails to award your rightful compensation, our team will take your case to trial to obtain your rightful compensation.

What Types Of Compensation Can I Receive?

You may receive compensation for your pain & suffering, past & future medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. The damages that can be easily calculated are known as economic damages while the ones that cannot be easily calculated are known as non-economic damages. Punitive damages are awarded to punish the at-fault party for their outrageous acts.

How Much Is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

The value of your claim depends on many factors such as who was at fault for the accident, the scope of your injuries, and property damages. Your personal injury lawyer is the best person to determine how much you could claim for your injuries and property damages. Schedule a free consultation with the expert lawyers at Pinder Plotkin Legal Team to know how much your claim is worth.

Is There A Deadline For Filing a Claim?

Maryland’s statute of limitations will come into effect three years from the date of the accident.

How Is Fault In A Truck Accident Determined?

Proving the negligence of the at-fault party is important to determine the fault in a truck accident. There are four important elements to prove the negligence of the at-fault party such as:

Can A Lawyer Prove The Truck Driver Was Negligent?

Yes. The experienced lawyers at Pinder Plotkin Legal Team will establish the negligence of the truck driver by proving the four elements mentioned above.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Truck accidents are different from car accidents because there can be more than one party responsible for the accident. Here are the parties that can be held liable for a truck accident in Parkville.

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Common Causes Of Truck Accidents in Parkville

There are numerous causes for truck accidents in Maryland. Here are some of the most common causes:

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