Off-duty Officer Injured in a One-vehicle Crash on I-83

A one-vehicle crash on I-83 on Monday left an off-duty Baltimore Police officer injured. It was a one-vehicle accident that happened around 8:03 a.m. The officer was going southbound near Northern Parkway when for unknown reasons crashed their vehicle. He was transported to Shock Trauma for injuries to his feet. After the one-vehicle crash on I-83, all southbound lanes were shut down and the traffic was redirected off the highway.

One-vehicle accidents can be equally dangerous as any other accident. Speeding, fatigue, alcohol, distraction, and road debris are only a few of the reasons why such accidents happen. Sometimes, drivers have a medical condition that leads to losing control over their car and crashing.

No matter what the reason was, it’s important to call the police if you notice such an accident and call for medical help if the driver seems injured. Afterwards, the driver, even though it was a one-vehicle accident, should consult with a car accident attorney.

There might be a deeper reason why the crash happened if they weren’t driving under the influence or speeding. If the car was recently repaired, it might have not been repaired correctly, so the driver can seek responsibility from the shop. Or if the road wasn’t clean from debris, the responsibility could be on the agency that takes care of the road.

It’s essential to call a car accident lawyer since even though you’ll get covered by your insurance company, there might be more culprits for your crash and you could easily get a compensation claim from them.

Allow our team at Pinder Plotkin to help you with your case. Call our office and we will schedule your first consultation completely free of charge. We’ll do our best to help you get your deserved compensation claim.


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