Getting into a vehicle accident can be quite a scary experience for anyone involved. Days and weeks after the accident, the crash victims would still need to speak to various parties about the car accident. If you or someone close is involved in a car accident in Parkville, you’d have to talk to law enforcement officials, insurance agents, and even lawyers. You could say many things during this period and might spoil your chances of getting a settlement due to your words.

Our car accident lawyers at Pinder Plotkin LLC understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the days after an accident. That’s why in this article, we’ll be touching on some of the things you shouldn’t say after a car accident. In addition, we’ll discuss some statements you shouldn’t mention to anyone apart from your lawyer. So keep reading for insight into statements you shouldn’t say after an accident.

Statements to Avoid

Below are those statements you should always avoid after a car accident in Parkville.

“It Was Completely My Fault”

After a car accident happens, it’s easy to start feeling guilty and wondering if the car accident was all your fault. However, you should never outrightly accept responsibility after a car accident under any circumstance. Even if you’re entirely sure it’s your fault, do not mention it to anyone or go apologizing. Most of the time, crash victims are not fully aware of their accident’s circumstances. Therefore, there’s a chance that the other party shares some of the blame.

When you start making statements admitting fault to the law enforcement officials, the insurance agents, or even the other party, it can be hard to withdraw this statement later. Even when it is determined that the other party shares contributory negligence, your statement could still work against you. This doesn’t mean you need to lie about the accident. Say as little as you can until you speak to a car accident lawyer or receive all the facts about the accident.

“I Didn’t Sustain Any Injury”

Another common statement that most car accident victims say that could cost them their compensation is that they didn’t sustain any injury. The truth is some of the signs of accident injuries do not become apparent until hours, days, or even weeks after. When you experience sudden trauma like a car accident in Parkville, your body releases adrenaline that could cover up all the pains.

Simple statements like “I’m fine” to an insurance carrier could be used against you in the future when you file an insurance claim. Therefore, say nothing definitive about your injuries when speaking to insurance agents. Also, ensure you see a medical professional as soon as possible after the crash. They can thoroughly evaluate you and determine if you suffered physical or psychological injuries due to the accident.

“Yes, Take My Recorded Statement”

Insurance claim adjusters sometimes ask for recorded statements about the car accident. Note that this isn’t mandatory so that you can say no. Don’t comply with this demand until you have spoken to a vehicle accident lawyer.

Insurance agents have experience with this type of situation, so they look for ways they can limit the compensation you receive for your car accident injuries. So if you agree to a recorded statement, they might ask you questions that will make you admit your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

“I’m Not Sure, But I Guess”

When making statements after a car accident in Parkville, do not make assumptions or guesses. If you don’t know the correct answer to a question, you should say you don’t know. An example is asking how fast you were going when the accident happened. When answering, if you’re not sure of the speed, don’t make a guess, or it will discredit your statement. An insurance agent could imply that since you’re not sure of that, every other statement you make is also just an assumption.

Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer in Parkville Today!

Knowing what to say and how to act after a car accident in Parkville can be confusing. Because of that, insurance carriers can take advantage and prevent you from getting your total settlement. That’s why you need an expert Parkville car accident lawyer by your side to help you navigate the entire process.

The Pinder Plotkin LLC legal team is always available to listen to you. When you contact us for a free case review, we’ll explain the process and tell you what to say and avoid during discussions. Our skilled car accident lawyers are dedicated to getting you the total compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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