Civilian Dies in a Crash Caused By a Suspect Running Away From The Police

Baltimore City Police have revealed the identity of the civilian who died in a crash in east Baltimore on Thursday afternoon.

Police said Northeast District officers demanded the assistance of Foxtrot when they located a vehicle that was possibly wanted about a recent crime.

Allegedly, the suspect was fleeing the officers and hit their car.

The civilian has been identified as forty-one-year-old Cristal Eatmon from Baltimore.

According to Baltimore City Police, the crash happened sometime after 4 p.m. when officers tried to pull over a driver after locating a vehicle that may have been linked to a recent crime.

The police said that when the driver increased the speed, officers on the ground had to pull back. 

As the vehicle approached North Bond and East Biddle Streed, the crash occurred, the police say.

The police informed they arrested suspects who were trying to escape from the vehicle that originally got their attention. The identity of those suspects is not revealed yet.

It is a real tragedy when innocent people lose their lives. No matter how careful of a driver or a pedestrian you are, sometimes things happen because of someone else’s negligence.

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