How To Get the Most Money From a Maryland Truck Accident

Clearly, a Maryland truck accident isn’t money-making schemes. So, it may look weird reading tips on how to make the most money from them. However, costly losses may result from any trucking accident. Therefore, truck collision victims should be interested in getting the most money from the fault party to cover their losses.

Truck accident victims often think that they can recover damages without a lawyer. However, although this is true, they cannot get the maximum compensation for their case without legal representation. Therefore, it’s always best for vehicle collision survivors to hire the best Maryland truck accident attorneys.

5 Tips To Maximize Your Truck Accident Compensation

Your actions and inactions greatly impact how much you get from a truck accident claim. The tips below can help you get the maximum amount from your claim.

  • Remain at the Accident Scene

Many truck accident victims make the mistake of leaving the accident scene. This is a wrong move because Maryland law requires that drivers involved in an accident must remain on the scene. You could face a hit and run criminal charge if you exit the accident scene. Furthermore, if the local DA convicts you, you could face imprisonment or pay fines.

Therefore, it would be best to remain at the crash site and help the injured. Furthermore, you should call 911 and other emergency services. Finally, provide your contact information to the other accident parties. Alternatively, you could submit the same when you lodge a report with the police.

  • Get Medical Help

Seeing a doctor immediately after a crash can also increase the amount of money the fault driver pays you. Getting the most money from your claim requires that you link your injuries to the truck accident. Medical treatment and documentation of your injuries supply this proof with ease. The doctor can even testify as an expert witness in your case.

Even if you feel fine, still see a doctor. This is because some trucking accident injuries only surface after some hours or days. A doctor can record the progression of your wound. This way, the other party doesn’t claim that they’re unrelated.

  • Track Your Bills

You won’t only incur medical bills from an accident. There are other expenses you may suffer because of the crash. This could include alternative transportation costs, lost wages, vehicle repairs, or maintenance, etc. Therefore, it would be best to track all these expenses as you make them.

Keep an accurate record of all your bills. If possible, you can also save the receipts of the bills. If you pay to an establishment that doesn’t usually give receipts, you can demand one. Essentially, keep all records that can help you prove the expenses and connect them to your accident.

  • Never Accept the First Settlement Offer

It would be best to watch out for insurance companies and adjusters. This is because they may employ certain tricks to escape liability or pay a lesser amount than your truck accident’s worth. Therefore, it would be best to reject the first settlement offer they make to you. This offer is often very low because they’re banking on your impatience to get you to accept the initial low offer.

So, reject it and make a higher settlement demand. Furthermore, it would help if you didn’t accept any settlement money without speaking to your attorney first. Your lawyer knows the true worth of your case and can guide you to get the maximum amount.

  • Don’t Share Information About Your Accident

You can lose all the gains you record with your truck accident by sharing the details. The fault parties may be monitoring you to see if you’ll let anything slip that could help their case. A typical example is any inconsistencies in your story.

Therefore, it would be best to speak to nobody about the crash. If you want to talk, talk to your lawyer. Furthermore, it would help if you didn’t share any information on social media, especially pictures you took of the crash site. Any such statement may significantly reduce your settlement sum.

Hire the Best Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers

If you follow all the steps above, you can get even more money with the help of a great personal injury lawyer. All the information and evidence above can help any experienced Maryland truck accident attorney properly represent you in court. Alternatively, they can get you the best accident settlement.

At Pinder Plotkin, LLC, our truck accident lawyers have a great track record of winning and getting the maximum compensation for our clients. We can bring our extensive experience to bear on your case too. Therefore, it would be best to call us for a free consultation on your truck collision case.

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