When driving on Maryland roads, you never know what could happen in the next second. Accidents happen unexpectedly, and they leave behind physical and emotional damages that victims suffer. A Maryland car accident may happen as a result of various reasons. These include speeding, driver fatigue, violation of traffic laws, recklessness, etc.

While some people walk away from car accidents without any scratches, others are not as lucky. The common injuries resulting from car crashes are whiplash, broken bones, burns, sprains, spinal cord injury, etc. Sometimes, these injuries lead to disabilities or death.

Some errors can jeopardize your chances of recovering compensation for the losses you incur. This is why in this article, we would be addressing the top mistakes to avoid after a car accident if you hope to file a lawsuit and win. Furthermore, you need the services of a qualified Maryland car accident attorney in the filing process.

Top Seven Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Maryland

There are several errors that victims of car accidents make after the incident. These errors might seem inconsequential, but their effects could be damaging to your case in the long run. Below are seven of the top mistakes to avoid.

  • Leaving the Accident Scene

Some accident victims leave the accident scene shortly after it occurs, which is a major mistake on their part. It would be best to remain at the accident scene, as this will help preserve evidence and help the police in their investigations. Also, staying at the accident scene will eliminate your chances of the police charging you with a hit-and-run case.

  • Not Reporting to the Police

Before leaving an accident scene, you should inform the police about the car crash. Police reports contain details about the accident you will need if you file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. However, if you make the mistake of not contacting the police after the accident, you might not have enough evidence to present to the insurance company or court.

  • Evading Medical Care

After a car accident, whether major or minor, you need to get a medical professional to examine you thoroughly for any injuries. Failure to do so is an error that could have grave consequences. So, immediately after an accident, call 911 for medical care. It is also essential for you to follow the doctor’s instructions and medications to get better quickly.

  • Posting on Social Media

Social media has become a space where people share and post anything that happens in their life. So, you might feel tempted to post pictures or other information about your accident on social media but resist that temptation.

Posting details about the accident on social media could hurt your case later on. Remember that the other driver’s lawyer and the insurance company will do everything possible to discredit you from receiving compensation.

  • Admitting Fault

Many lawyers advise against admitting fault. In a bid to resolve things quickly, you might feel the urge to apologize for what happened. Try to avoid apologizing for the crash. In addition, note that whatever you say at the crash site might impact your case negatively. So, don’t say anything to anyone; leave the talking to your lawyer.

  • Overlooking the Need to Take Pictures

One significant step people usually forget after the crash is taking pictures. Documenting the car accident with pictures or videos is sure to favor your personal injury case greatly. It is crucial to take pictures of any tiny detail about the accident. These could include skid marks, debris, damages to street signs, etc.

  • Not Gathering Information

Some accident victims leave the accident scene without gathering the necessary information beneficial to the case. For instance, you need to get information about the other driver involved in the accident. Therefore, getting their name, phone number, address, insurance information, driver’s license, and license plate are crucial. Additionally, you need to get information about the eyewitnesses at the crash scene.

Pinder Plotkin, LLC, Can Help You After a Car Accident 

One mistake you must avoid at all costs is refusing to hire a car accident attorney. Some people will think they can handle the insurance companies on their own. However, they end up with a settlement less than they deserve.

At Pinder Plotkin, LLC, we have a well-experienced team that has your best interests at heart. Our Maryland car accident attorneys promise to provide you with the best results in your case. If we cannot solve your problem, we are more than willing to refer you to someone who can help.

Our firm is genuinely interested in your case. So, when you contact us, you get a free consultation and our no-fee guarantee. So, please do not delay, contact us today.

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