Having a minor car accident can be as terrifying as a serious one. A small vehicle crash has no fatality and little or no injury. Sometimes, the cars involved can get damaged, but it’s nothing too severe.

However, the shock you feel when you realize that you’ve just had an accident can be traumatizing. While many victims reach full recovery after some time, a fraction of them do not. They may develop PTSD that negatively affects the quality of their lives forever.

Asides from the above, even the slightest car crash can result in a financial loss for all the victims. And if anyone got a small injury, they’ll need to get treatment and pay for their medications.

In Maryland, however, it’s the negligent drivers who are liable to pay for the damages in the minor car accident. But many crash victims don’t claim compensation for their losses. They think settlements are only for significant cases. The assertion isn’t correct, and this article will show you why.

What To Do After a Minor Automobile Crash 

So, someone hit your car, but you have no major, life-threatening injuries. Maybe you have slight headaches, scratches, and body aches here and there, but nothing alarming. Your vehicle didn’t suffer much damage either. It means that you’ve had a minor car accident. But that doesn’t mean you should dust yourself up and drive away.

In any auto collision, whether severe or not, you should do the following:

  1. Check yourself and your car for any significant damage. Check other victims too.
  2. Take pictures and videos of the crash scene.
  3. Exchange contact information with the other victims — especially the at-fault driver.
  4. Report to the local police department.
  5. See a doctor and get yourself checked even if you feel you’re okay.

This information can constitute evidence that you can exploit to strengthen your injury claim when necessary.

Do You Need a Maryland Car Accident Lawyer? 

Don’t dismiss the thought of hiring a personal injury attorney after a minor car accident too soon. If you’ve been hurt even in the slightest, you should call your lawyer immediately.

Many attorneys offer a free consultation, so there’s no harm if you call to find out about your case. Your lawyer will tell you if you have a viable claim or not, and you can make your decision from there.

If you have a reasonable claim and wish to pursue it, your attorney will come in handy again. They’ll offer you legal counsel, prepare your paperwork, and fight for a fair settlement for you. If you decide to file a lawsuit, they’ll be your ready advocates.

Your Injuries May Not Be As Minor as You Think

We’ll give you one valid reason you shouldn’t treat any minor car accident as trivial. It’s because sometimes, an injury may be more insignificant than you think. Some common accident injuries get worse over time and may never heal.

Immediately after a crash occurs, the body enters “Flight or fight” mode. You may not feel hurt until much later with all the adrenaline rush. It’s only a few days after a crash that you can verify that you’re not hurt. If you neglected to exchange contact information with the other drivers, it would not be easy to get your compensation.

Understanding Maryland’s Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims 

While every personal injury victim is entitled to seek damages from the tortfeasor, this right doesn’t last forever. The different jurisdictions in the United States have varying time limits for filing personal injury claims. Such time restrictions are under the statute of limitations of that state.

It means that the stipulated time limit for bringing your claims can elapse. When it does, the law bars you from seeking any relief or filing a complaint regarding that claim. For Maryland, the statute of limitation for personal injury is three years. And time begins to count from the date of the damage.

For this reason, neglecting to seek legal directions in respect of your claim in time can prove disastrous to your case. It would help if you had your lawyer’s assistance. If the insurance provider is proving difficult, your attorney can review your case and file a lawsuit to beat time.

Consult With a Maryland Car Accident Attorney Now!

When it comes to minor car accident claims in Maryland, time is always of the essence. You’d need a Maryland car accident lawyer to beat the statutory deadline. If you’re on the lookout for one, the attorneys at Pinder Plotkin are at your service. We’ve been working on auto crash cases for years and will help you recover a reasonable settlement sum.

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