Maryland Avenue Rollover Accident Halts Traffic

The rescue crews from the Five Points Fire Company responded to a loud crash down the road from their station on Sunday evening, April 11. The crew arrived at the scene of the Maryland Avenue rollover accident where they found two cars with people trapped inside.

The accident happened around 8:30 p.m. The crews immediately started working to free the passengers. One of the cars had flipped over and stopped near the front porch of a home. The crew needed an additional rescue squad, according to radio traffic. 

The Command arrived fifteen minutes later and put the accident under control and ordered Maryland Avenue to be closed down for an extended period of time. 

Rescue teams eventually managed to free the trapped people. There was no info about injuries, even though the Maryland Avenue rollover accident was quite serious. 

If you get injured in an accident where even if your injuries are minor or you have no injuries at all, don’t avoid getting a medical examination. Many people feel well in such cases, but are still under shock and don’t think clearly. 

Numerous injuries don’t show signs or symptoms days after the accident. Without the medical examination, you can’t prove that you were injured in the accident, therefore, the insurance company wouldn’t think twice before denying the claim.

The insurers are doing their best to underpay you or deny the claim; it’s part of their job. They don’t feel for your pain, injuries or the stress you’ve been through. 

Your compensation claim should cover your medical bills, damages, lost wages and pain and suffering. To get this, you should hire a skilled car accident attorney who won’t just give up after the first (usually low) offer from the insurance company. 

If you’re having any questions or want to get legal assistance for your case, our team at Pinder Plotkin will gladly review your case and stand by your side; contact our Maryland car accident attorneys today.  


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