Getting compensation for your car accident injuries in Maryland depends on numerous factors. However, one of the most important factors to consider in a personal injury claim is who the at-fault party is. That’s because Maryland is an at-fault state and uses the contributory negligence framework in apportioning liability. So, without finding who is responsible for your car accident, it can be challenging to get compensation from anyone.

Sometimes, it’s easy to determine who caused your auto accident. For example, a drunk driver who crashed into a motorcycle on another lane is most likely responsible for the accident. However, it’s not clear who to blame for a traffic crash in some other cases.

For example, how do you determine who is at fault when a crash occurs due to bad weather? Do you have a case against anyone in such situations? We’ll let you know in this article. Contact a responsible car accident lawyer at Pinder Plotkin, LLC if you need quality legal representation for your car accident case.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Traffic Crashes in Maryland?

There are many reasons why a car accident may happen. The most common ones are:

  • Inclement Weather 

Terrible climatic conditions are one of the most common causes of accidents in Maryland. For example, when it rains, the road becomes slick and slippery.  When that happens, cars can easily slip and slide out of the driver’s control. Then, again, hazy weather can make the roads invisible, and the driver would hardly notice oncoming vehicles.

  • Speeding 

Speeding causes some of the most dangerous traffic accidents ever. When you exceed the recommended speed limit, you are driving faster than other vehicles in your lane. You also have less time to respond or react to emergencies.

  • Distracted and Drunk Driving 

Many accidents happen because a driver wasn’t paying attention to the road. Sometimes, the driver may be drunk and, as such, cannot make reasonable judgments while driving.

  • Unsafe Lane Changes and Improper Turns

Sometimes, accidents happen when a driver refuses to take the necessary precautions when changing lanes.

  • Running Red Lights

An essential aspect of safe driving is adhering strictly to traffic lights. A driver puts other lives in danger when they keep moving when the traffic light turns red.

Do I Have a Case If My Car Crashed Due to Bad Weather?

Determining fault in a traffic accident due to inclement weather can be challenging. That’s because it’s easy to assume that no one is liable. After all, no one was responsible for the bad weather. However, regardless of climatic conditions, every driver still has the obligation of driving responsibly.

That means that even when the weather is terrible, drivers still owe other road users a reasonable duty of care. As such, drivers must navigate the terrible weather conditions reasonably to ensure they don’t harm others. So, drivers can still be at fault for a car accident that occurred under lousy weather if they acted irresponsibly in the circumstances.

In summary, motorists must take extra care to prevent accidents from occurring even in terrible climatic conditions. Sometimes, being responsible means refusal to drive till the weather improves. If you prove that the drivers’ recklessness caused the accident, they’ll be liable regardless of the climate at the time. That is, a driver who was speeding or distracted cannot hide under the cloak of inclement weather to escape liability.

What Should I Do if Terrible Weather Caused My Car Accident?

Regardless of the cause, you must do the following after a traffic accident:

  • Seek Medical Attention 

Seeking medical assistance on time ensures that you don’t complicate your injuries if any.

  • Call the Police 

The law requires you to report car accidents as soon as possible. That’s especially when there’s a fatality or significant property damage.

  • Gather Enough Evidence 

You can do this by recording witness statements and taking pictures of the accident scene.

  • Contact Your Personal Injury Attorney 

Your lawyer will advise you on further steps to take after the crash.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Right Now!

Filing a personal injury claim in Maryland is always worth the effort when you deserve it. However, to get the benefits you desire, you need the best car accident lawyers on your side. Even if terrible weather conditions caused your accident, our personal injury attorneys could help you get fair compensation for your injuries.

At Pinder Plotkin LLC, we offer our clients the best quality legal services there are in Maryland. What’s more, our initial legal consultation or case review is free. We just want to ensure that you get what’s best for your case at the lowest costs possible. So, feel free to contact us anytime.

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