Meet Our Legal Team

Kristin M. Mellid – Senior Paralegal

Kristin joined the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team in February 2018, though she has worked as a paralegal for ten years. After graduating from Parkville High School in 2007, she earned her bachelor’s degree in History and Ancient Mediterranean Studies from Towson University. Kristin has also completed master’s degree coursework in Jewish Studies and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University.

Kristin has an incredible ability for learning languages, and has varying degrees of fluency in seventeen different languages. Those languages include English, Russian, German, Swedish, French, Dutch, Papiamento, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Biblical Aramaic, Sumerian, Akkadian, Eblaite, Ugaritic, Hittite, and Demotic, the cursive form of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Though she never formally studied Ukrainian, Belarusian, Serbian, Croatian, and Polish, Kristin has developed an understanding of each language because of their closeness to some of her other fluencies. Additionally, Kristin understands spoken Korean and Spanish, which she also did not formally study, but instead learned while working. Because of her fluencies in Russian and German, Kristin is qualified to be an interpreter for both languages in the Maryland and Federal court systems.

When she’s not studying new languages, Kristin enjoys knitting and spelunking (cave exploring). She is currently teaching herself the Turkish language, and explains that “the language rules are the complete invert from English, and it is fascinating.”


B.S., History and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Towson University