Many unforeseeable accidents occur as we go about our daily lives. You definitely didn’t plan to get bitten by a dog — but you did, and now you want to sue for it. A dog bite injury can lead to severe complications.

While there’s so much to benefit from making a case after sustaining a dog bite injury, going about it the wrong way can make you lose your fight before it even begins. There are some general procedures to follow as you file for a lawsuit after sustaining a dog bite in Maryland, USA.

Making some legal mistakes ruin your chances of securing as much compensation as you should from the dog bite or making it to court at all. This article will explain 5 common legal mistakes you ought to avoid so that you can up your chances of getting duly compensated for your pain.

Avoidable Legal Mistakes Post-Dog Bite Injury

If you’re going to win this lawsuit, then it’s best to do it right. These are the legal mistakes to avoid for an assured path to victory in court.

No, you cannot handle a dog bite on your own from the comfort of your home. No matter how minor it may look, a dog’s bite is dangerous and can lead to many complications if left unchecked. The saliva in a dog’s mouth is potent with bacteria; bacteria can lead to infection, and infection can spread to the rest of your body.

If you have recently sustained a dog bite injury, go and get it checked and treated. It is also necessary because a doctor’s report can come in very handy during your lawsuit proceedings. It is an important document that could be added to your file to ensure appropriate compensation.

  • Not Reporting the Dog Bite Injury Fast Enough

You may be tempted to come up with a thousand and one reasons why it’s too early to report the dog bite injury or why you shouldn’t report it at all. Perhaps, you’re unsure whether you’re at fault for going close to the dog or you are afraid of the dog owner’s threats. Whatever reason it may be, not reporting on time can result in no lawsuit at all.

Without reporting and documenting the case with animal control or the local law enforcement, the dog owner can deny that the dog bite ever happened, and there’s nothing you would be able to do then. Failing to document the personal injury early may cost you your compensation forever.

  • Failing to Hire Legal Assistance

Your chances of winning a dog bite case without an attorney are pretty slim. Skipping this step may be the biggest mistake you can make. Many complexities surround this type of lawsuit, don’t forget that you also have the insurance company to deal with in this situation.

You also do not expect the dog owners to fold their arms and watch you take their money without resistance. They already have legal backing too, so why not you? Without an attorney, specifically, an experienced dog bite attorney on your side, you are at risk of accepting a low settlement because of pressure from the insurance companies.

Why risk your chances of getting adequately compensated? An experienced dog bite attorney is knowledgeable in related cases and has more insight into this kind of situation to handle it expertly.

  • Not Having Pictorial Evidence

It happened, sure. Now prove it did.

How can you do this when you’re in court months after the dog bite injury has healed? With pictorial evidence! It is necessary to take pictures of your injury during the process of healing. Take photos of the fresh bite and then the continuous healing process.

Sometimes, it will not just suffice to say the dog bite happened; you need visual proof that it did, in case your hearing doesn’t come up immediately.

Pictures can also show the severity of the incident and give the judge a clue about how horrible your experience might have been.

  •  Forgetting to Collect Information of the Dog Owners

As ridiculous as it sounds, this happens quite often. Your first instinct after a dog bite is to leave the scene of its occurrence. In a situation where you do this and forget to collect the details about who owns the dog, you can’t file a lawsuit.

If you’re unable to identify the dog or trace its owners, there won’t be anyone to hold responsible. This means there will be no compensation.

We Can Help You!

Have you recently sustained a dog bite injury in Maryland, USA? Your best bet at getting compensated for your pain is by hiring an experienced dog bite lawyer. At Pinder Plotkin LLC, we have lawyers that can help. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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