General practice lawyers usually represent either individuals or small business clients on a variety of criminal and civil matters. The lawyers can draft and send legal notices on your behalf, review contracts, represent you in court, as well as handle simple bankruptcy filings and real estate matters.

If you are looking for quality legal representation in Laurel, Maryland, you should get in touch with the general practice lawyers at Pinder Plotkin. Call us today at (410) 525-5337 to schedule a consultation with one of our Laurel general practice attorneys.

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What Does a General Practice Lawyer Do?

The vast majority of people will require the services of a lawyer at some point in their lives. These are rare and unusual instances, but most of them are relatively straightforward and a general practice lawyer is capable of handling them. Here are some of the instances:

  • Drafting or reviewing a contract
  • Handling straightforward lawsuits
  • Serving as an executor for an estate
  • Creating a will, trust, or estate plan
  • Handling minor criminal cases like a traffic ticket

General practice lawyers typically take on legal matters that are relatively straightforward. Still, some of them can handle specialized fields such as custody and divorce. They can also help you find the best lawyers in a particular field of expertise.

How Can Our Laurel General Practice Attorneys Help You?

At Pinder Plotkin, it is our firm belief that everybody in Laurel, Maryland is entitled to high-quality legal representation regardless of their situation. That’s why we always strive to offer a high level of quality and personalized service at a price that virtually anyone can afford.

We help people such as yourself with their legal needs across different areas, including:


If you’re struggling with debt, trying to save your family home, and return to financial stability, your best move could be to talk to our knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers. Whether or not you believe that the local and national economies are recovering, waiting too long may limit your debt relief options and ruin your financial future.

At Pinder Plotkin, we’ll provide caring, personalized legal counsel whether your situation requires decisive legal action such as filing a personal bankruptcy or exploring other legal paths. Our in-depth analysis and discussion of your financial situation can allow you to move forward confident about your recovery and return to peace of mind.


If you are arrested for a DUI/DWI or any other alcohol-related offense, or if you are facing traffic violations in Laurel, Maryland that put your job, license, and other priorities at risk, we urge you to get the legal counsel you need to make the right decisions.

At Pinder Plotkin, we’ll listen to you, investigate your case, present you with the legal options available to you depending on your situation, and work with you on a personal basis to ensure a just outcome. We serve clients throughout Laurel, Maryland.


If you suffer from a disability, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has compiled a list of impairments that qualify for benefits, but the list isn’t necessarily complete.

If your disability is listed, the process of obtaining benefits will be a bit more straightforward. With the help of experienced lawyers, you can obtain benefits for any impairment that prevents you from working.

If you suffer from a disability, let our experienced disability lawyers put their knowledge and experience to work for you. Contact Pinder Plotkin today at (410) 525-5337 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Estate Administration (Probate)

If a person dies, their financial affairs need to be settled and properly distributed to the heirs. While the process might sound straightforward or even easy, it actually isn’t. Estate administration refers to the process of settling a decedent’s estate. The entity or person responsible for the process is referred to as a fiduciary.

If the fiduciary is named under the decedent’s will, they are known as the personal representative (also commonly referred to as an executor in other jurisdictions) and is responsible for handling the decedent’s estate and/or trust and has duties to the beneficiaries, heirs, and creditors of the estate.

Our Laurel, Maryland estate administration and probate lawyers at Pinder Plotkin can help with explaining the probate and estate administration laws in Maryland and advise the personal representative of their fiduciary duties. We can provide guidance throughout the process.

First Responder Wills

Maryland’s first responders who include police officers, firefighters, and paramedics are public servants who are routinely in harm’s way. Unfortunately, the percentage of these professionals that have wills is lower than that of the general public.

At Pinder Plotkin, we appreciate the sacrifices made by first responders and their families. That’s why we provide free wills, powers of attorney, and medical directives for first responders. Keep in mind, however, that the basic will is only provided to Maryland residents and doesn’t include any tax advice.

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Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets might seem like trivial legal issues, but the reality is that they can quickly add up and affect you and your family for the rest of your life. Your insurance rates will go up and when you try applying for a job, you will discover that you aren’t qualified due to the points on your record. Your license may even be suspended if you receive too many traffic tickets.

A ticket is almost always never just a ticket, no matter how minor of a violation you commit. If you have received a traffic ticket in Laurel, Maryland, it may be worth your while to consult the competent lawyers at Pinder Plotkin regarding your options. Call us today at (410) 525-5337 to discuss your legal rights and next steps.

Wills and Estate Planning

Death is an eventuality that we will all have to face, even if it isn’t the easiest reality to consider. When it comes to preparing for the inevitable end, you have probably already considered what will happen to your possessions, money, and surviving family when the time comes. If you fail to leave a will, the intestacy laws will determine who inherits what and this might not be what you want.

Wills and estate planning help you make sure that your beneficiaries are protected and your assets are distributed according to your wishes. During the estate planning and will development process, you can start making funeral plans that will also alleviate the burden of your passing on your loved ones. Advanced planning will also ensure that your unique wishes are respected in the event of your passing.

Estate planning and will development can be complicated, that is why you need to partner with the right professionals. At Pinder Plotkin, we give you our full attention and carefully guide you through the process. We take time to listen to your objectives, understand your situation, and give you professional advice to help you make the right decisions. Call us today at (410) 525-5337 to discuss your will and estate planning needs.

Why Should I Choose Pinder Plotkin to Represent My Case?

You need a hard-working lawyer on your side whether you are fighting a DUI/DWI, developing a will, filing for bankruptcy, or dealing with a debilitating personal injury that left you with a disability. At Pinder Plotkin, we are committed to offering our clients the knowledgeable and professional representation they deserve.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working with us:

We Are Effective Lawyers With Proven Results

The legal team at Pinder Plotkin has years of courtroom experience. We are proud to aggressively and passionately represent your case, regardless of its size. You can always count on us to obtain the most favorable outcome for you.

We Charge Affordable Fees

We understand that the pursuit of justice is not necessarily cheap, which can make it impossible for you to pursue the legal process, especially if you are already facing financial troubles. Fortunately, you can always count on us to provide both high-quality and cost-effective service to ease your financial burden.

We Offer Quality Client Service

If you decide to work with us, you can expect to receive personal attention from start to finish. We are both responsive and accessible, answering questions and returning emails and calls promptly. If you are looking for a client-focused law firm, you should definitely choose Pinder Plotkin.

We Have Superior Litigation Skills

We have a strong focus on litigation, with experience that was built over decades, across several different areas of law, including the most complex cases. We draw on a deep file of litigation case histories to identify winning strategies for you.

We Are Creative Legal Thinkers That Always Welcome a Challenge

If you choose Pinder Plotkin to represent you, you will have the benefit of experienced professionals that enjoy legal challenges, whether big or small. We have the background to understand issues, no matter how complex, and dedicated support staff to ensure efficient handling of your legal matter.

Get Comprehensive Legal Representation in Laurel, MD Today!

Having a legal professional in your corner in today’s world can often make all the difference when fighting your case. A general practice law firm is a great option to find a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable lawyer.

If you need a general practice lawyer to help with various legal issues in Laurel, MD, call Pinder Plotkin today at (410) 525-5337. Our lawyers are available to answer any question you might have and look forward to resolving your legal problems.

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