Jason Plotkin to Speak at Upcoming National Business Institute Seminar

Estate administration is a complex process that can be easily derailed by even the most minor of mistakes. The National Business Institute has identified the most common mistakes made throughout the process, and will host the live seminar, “Estate Administration: Top Mistakes to Avoid,” on July 13th in order to help estate administrators better avoid those mistakes.

There are five keynote speakers attending the event, including Jason Plotkin of the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team. Jason will speak at two of the eight sessions, specifically concerning “Insufficient Knowledge of the Estate Administration Process and Rules” and “Personal Representative Problems.” As noted by the National Business Institute, the seminar will best serve attorneys, accountants, CPAs, estate planners, fiduciaries, tax preparers, trust officers, financial planners, and paralegals.

For more information, to register for the seminar, or to purchase a recording of the seminar, visit the seminar’s webpage. The event qualifies for certain continuing education credits, and more information can be found under the “Credit” section of the webpage.


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The attorneys at Pinder Plotkin are available to act as Guest Lecturers and Presenters. Please contact Megan Sunderland at [email protected] to discuss speaking opportunities.

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