Jason Plotkin Receives 2016 SmartCEO Centers of Influence Award

Pinder Plotkin is excited to announce that attorney Jason A. Plotkin has been honored with a 2016 Baltimore Center of Influence Award from SmartCEO magazine. The Centers of Influence Awards program honors the best and brightest attorneys, accountants, and bankers in the region who have demonstrated an unrivaled commitment to their clients, according to SmartCEO.

“The relationships with your trusted accountant, attorney, or banker are often formed in stone,” said SmartCEO President Jaime Nespor-Zawmon in a statement. “They’re there… to help you build your dream and stick by your side long after you’ve achieved it. That’s why these Centers of Influence [Award winners] deserve this distinguished honor. Their stories are truly remarkable.”

SmartCEO also featured a profile of Jason Plotkin in its September/October issue, which you can read here using the magazine’s online viewer.

In its profile, the magazine highlighted Pinder Plotkin’s complete commitment to their clients and the personalized service the firm delivers with the help of their capable support staff.

“Our dedication to providing unique and tailored service to our clients starts the moment our phone rings and an actual person answers the client’s call,” Jason told SmartCEO. “From that point on, our service to clients is personal and practical… everything we do is meant to meet the unique needs of our clients and build a relationship that is based on trust, support, and achieving the outcomes we establish early on.”

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