Losing a family member or a loved one can be a harrowing experience. When the negligence of another party caused the individual’s death, such pain is usually more. This is because if the guilty party had not acted negligently, your loved one would still be here today.

People file wrongful death claims against those who, through negligence or even an intentional act, caused another individual’s death. A wrongful death lawsuit is typically a representative of the deceased’s estate, usually a family member.

Most people who file these lawsuits hope to experience relief on time. They also want to make peace with the death of their loved ones. However, the settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit might take up to several months or years. In this article, we will prepare you for the journey ahead by telling you the duration of a wrongful death lawsuit settlement.

What Is Maryland’s Wrongful Death Statute?

The Maryland State Legislature created the Wrongful Death Statute for surviving family members of wrongfully killed individuals. According to Maryland’s Wrongful Death Statute, “Damages may be awarded to the beneficiaries proportioned to the injury resulting from the wrongful death.”

The statute is merely saying that the family member of an injured individual, who later dies, can sue the party responsible for their loved one’s death. This family member will then get compensation for their loss. The legislature implemented this statute because family members suffer pain and loss when a loved one dies.

Damages in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The damages in a wrongful death lawsuit are the categories of losses that the plaintiff, the surviving family members, can receive compensation for. These are the usual damages in a wrongful death lawsuit:

  • The deceased’s pre-death “Pain and suffering.”
  • Medical bills incurred by the deceased’s family members. These medical bills are the cost of treating the dead person’s injuries before their death.
  • Funeral and burial expenses.
  • Loss of the deceased’s expected income.
  • Loss of any of the deceased’s inheritance.
  • Value of the services the dead would have provided.
  • Loss of love, care, companionship, guidance, and nurturing the dead person would have provided.

Duration of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Maryland

Every wrongful death claim is unique. For this reason, you cannot give an exact duration of how long a lawsuit can last. While some could take a few months, others could extend for several years. You can get a settlement in Maryland between one and two years.

For wrongful death cases that get resolved within a short period, you will notice the victim had no legal representation. In instances like this, the insurance companies offered a low settlement, and the deceased’s family members accepted the offer.

However, the downside is that the plaintiffs do not have enough compensation for their loss. When they calculate the damages, they discover that the amount the insurance companies gave them does not cover the losses.

Working with a Maryland lawyer might extend the settlement’s duration. But in the end, the plaintiffs get the compensation they deserve.

Most people accept the initial offer of insurance companies because of desperation. This could stem from the family members struggling to make ends meet after their loved one’s death.

Also, the dead person’s relatives may not know how much compensation they deserve. Insurance companies will prey on that ignorance and give ridiculous offers to such people.

When you have a skilled attorney on your side, the whole situation becomes better. Yes, it will take a longer time to settle the wrongful death claim, but you and your family will get justice in the long run.

If you want a quick settlement, then do not involve legal practitioners. But then, you should also think about the aftermath of such a decision. Getting an experienced wrongful death lawyer might be your best choice.

Pinder Plotkin LLC Can Help With Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit

At Pinder Plotkin LLC, we understand how devastating it can be to suddenly lose a loved one, primarily because of another individual’s misconduct. Because of this, we are committed to ensuring you get the necessary help when filing your claim.

An experienced Maryland wrongful death attorney from our firm will guarantee that you get the appropriate compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. We also offer a free consultation to anyone who contacts us, and we answer whatever question you might have. Contact us today to speak with one of our attorneys, and map out the right plan for your case.

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