As a motorist in Maryland, you’ve got a driver‘s record that contains public information about you as a driver. Your driver’s document (also called motor vehicle report) automatically follows your driving license. It includes information on any accidents you’ve been involved in, license suspension, traffic violations, etc.

Typically, if anyone needs to know how meticulous a driver you are, they’d look through your motor vehicle report. Insurance companies can also monitor your record to understand how much of a risk you are on the road. Your driver’s  record is like your credit report. That’s why you must be careful to ensure it’s not tainted with adverse information.

Maryland uses the point system of tracking driver violations. You get points every time you flaunt traffic rules. Furthermore, there are strict penalties for when your accumulated points reach a predetermined threshold. If you’ve caused an accident, the points can stay on your driver’s record for a while. You’d discover just how long in this article.

How Long Will It Take for Points To Come Off My Driver’s Record in Maryland?

If you are an at-fault driver in a car accident, you may get some points on your driver’s record. Most times, it’s many points, and those points put you more at risk of license suspension. So it’s normal for many drivers to get concerned about how long those points will remain on their records.

In Maryland, the points on your driving record will typically stay for three years. Time starts counting from the date of the violation. After this period, the authorities delete it from your record provided you meet these criteria:

  1. No convictions for another traffic violation in the past three years.
  2. Your license isn’t revoked or suspended.
  3. You have never been convicted or under probation for a fatal hit-and-run, DWI, DUI, and similar offenses.

However, this can be too long a time for some drivers to wait. As such, drivers usually find ways to remove the points before the three-year period elapses.

To remove points from your record, you’d have to go through an “Expungement Process.” This process helps give you a fresh start by eliminating the points and violations you’ve already accumulated.

First, you would submit a manual expungement request to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Adjudication Division. The application will contain your name, contact information, and details of the traffic offenses you committed, among other things. The MVA will review your request and give you feedback on successful or failed applications.

What Violations Will Result in Points

The more serious the offense, the higher the points. In allocating points, the authorities will also consider if the violation caused an accident. If it did, the numbers that MVA would give would be higher than usual.

Here’s a list of some offenses that’ll land you some points under Maryland’s point system:

  1. Excessive speeding
  2. Refusal to yield to emergency vehicles
  3. Driving without a license and insurance
  4. Reckless driving
  5. DUI
  6. Tailgating
  7. Driving a stolen car
  8. Disregarding school crossing guard
  9. Refusal to report a crash
  10. DWI

What Are the Consequences of Having Points on My Driving Record?  

The Maryland points system aims to punish traffic offenders for disregarding traffic rules and posing a risk to other motorists. As a result, each violation carries varying points. If your total points accumulate to certain thresholds, you get the punishments attached to them. The penalties include:

  • Warning Letter 

The Motor Vehicle Administration will issue you a warning letter if you reach  3 or 4 points.

  • Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

DIP is a driver’s rehabilitation instructional scheme that provides road safety training for motorists. When you get 5-7 points on your record, you may have to attend this program.

  • Suspension 

You’re at risk of getting your license suspended when your points reach 8. Some singular violations like DWI carry 8 points. So you may get a suspended license on a one-time DWI.

  • Revocation 

Getting your license revoked is such a nightmare for many drivers. It’s challenging to reverse a revoked license. Drivers with points up to 12 are at risk of revocation.

Our Maryland Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

If you’ve caused an accident due to negligent driving or traffic violation, you can get high points on your record. In that case, pursue an expungement process immediately to have them removed.

If you’re confused about handling matters after the accident, contact the best Maryland Car Accident attorneys for assistance. At Pinder Plotkin LLC, we’re always ready to help you through this challenging time and get you on your feet again. Give us a ring now as time is of the essence.

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