How Can I Console a Car Accident Victim?

If you’ve ever been an auto accident victim, you’d understand what a difficult situation it is. These crashes are highly traumatic and can leave the victims with permanent scars. Asides from the physical injuries, many people have to deal with severe psychological trauma, like PTSD. Also, the recovery process can be a daunting and financially intensive one.

Worse still, many motor accidents are fatal, and some persons die before they can get medical care. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traffic crashes are responsible for many U.S citizens’ unnatural deaths. CDC reports also imply that many people aged 1-54 die due to road traffic accidents. Therefore, it shows that fatal crashes aren’t a rarity in our society.

As accident victims suffer and the deceased families mourn, their friends and loved ones feel the heat too. As a friend to a victim or deceased’s family, your words and actions during the period can help their recovery. This article will show you what to do in such a situation. You’d also understand why introducing them to a car accident attorney can significantly help them.

How Do Accident Victims Feel?

One of the best ways to help accident victims is to imagine how they’re feeling. That way, you’d be putting yourself in their shoes, and empathy will help you understand their grief. Usually, because they have just endured a traumatic experience, they’d have lots of thoughts flooding their minds.

They may feel lucky for surviving and guilty for the hurt of other victims. The injuries they sustained can be excruciating, and they could feel worried about the likelihood of speedy healing. Also, post-traumatic stress disorders and other psychological problems can make them feel paranoid all the time. Your goal is to understand what they’re experiencing and help them through it.

What Can I Say to a Crash Victim?

Depending on their particular circumstances, you can console an accident victim or mourning family with these kind words:

  • “Do You Need Anything or How Can I Be of Help?”

When someone is hurting or grieving, they still have to deal with their day-to-day responsibilities. Some of these daily activities could be very overwhelming for them, considering their situation. So, you can be of great help to them by taking up one or two of such burdens.

There are a lot of activities you could execute for your loved ones. Those include making their dinner, shopping for them, picking up their kids, etc. However, it would help if you verified what they’d like you to do by asking them. Assisting them with something they don’t need your help with can be more unprofitable than beneficial.

  • “How Do You Feel?”

You can ask an accident victim how he/she feels. It can be an avenue for them to let it all out. In that case, ensure that you’re patient with them and listen to all they have to say. It’d be nice also to follow them up regularly to know how they’re progressing.

  • “I’m Happy You’re Fine”

This tells them that you’re delighted to know that they survived the accident. It triggers some gratitude in their hearts. It also helps crash victims know that you care about them and wish them well. You can follow this up with a hug or a pat on their shoulders.

  • “I’m Always Here When You Need Me”

Sometimes, victims don’t want to talk about anything and would appreciate silence for a while. That’s okay. Don’t force them to say anything. Instead, let them know that you’d always be available for them when they need you.

What Not To Say or Do

Never do the following to accident victims:

Blame Them

  • Don’t blame a victim or a hurting family for their mistakes during the crash. In the same way, don’t advise them on what they ought to be doing.

Ask Them To Cheer Up

It’s horrible to tell accident survivors to snap out of their moods. They’re at a painful place in their lives, and they need to heal. Healing takes time. It’s impossible for them to “just get over it.”

Can I Give the Victim Some Legal Advice?

Except you’re a lawyer, don’t give your hurting friends any legal advice. If they want justice for what they’ve suffered, the best thing to do is direct them to an injury attorney.

Pinder Plotkin LLC Understands Your Pains 

Our accident lawyers at Pinder Plotkin LLC understand what it means to suffer pain and loss in a crash. As such, we believe you deserve all the support you can get, especially when it comes to pursuing compensation. Schedule a consultation today. We’d help you find the relief you seek.

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