Four-Year-Old Dies After Being Hit by a Vehicle

A four-year-old girl died in a car accident and her twin sister ended with severe injuries. The accident occurred when the girls were hit by separate vehicles. The girls were crossing a roadway in Hagerstown, Maryland on Monday evening.

According to the Maryland State Police, a family was going west on I-70 in the Hagerstown area when they stopped so that the children could relieve themselves.

The mother of the twins got out of the car when they pulled over and went to the back of the vehicle. 

While the woman was at the back of the vehicle, a teenage passenger got out and ran across both lanes of the highway to a center median.

A few moments later, when the four-year-old twins got out of the car and ran toward their cousin in the median, they were each hit by a vehicle.

One of the four-year-old children was pronounced dead once she was transported to Meritus Medical Center. The other child was transported to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital.

The troopers have not identified any of the family members. The accident is still under investigation. 

Losing a loved one in an accident is not an easy thing. Facing such a tragedy is a harsh thing. But, devastated family members should know that they can get justice on their side. Filing for a compensation claim is very possible.

If you were recently injured in an auto accident, be sure to consult with a car accident attorney. Don’t waste precious time and make sure you hire a skilled lawyer. Going into the process alone can be risky since insurance companies aren’t fond of giving high settlements. Your lawyer will know what to do if the insurance company refuses to give you a settlement or offers a low claim.

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