Five Injured in an Apartment Fire

Five people got injured in an apartment fire; the fire took place in Middle River on Sunday afternoon. Three firefighters were injured while trying to put out the fire.

The firefighters got a call around 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon in the 9900 block of Dehavilland Way. When the trucks arrived, heavy fire was coming out from the back of the building. The officials said that people outside the burning building began throwing things at the firefighters.

The firefighters called the police for assistance. Once the officers arrived and put the crowd under control, the firefighters began putting the fire out.

Twenty four of the building’s units were caught by the fire. Sixteen units were heavily burned, the officials said.

Several people were relocated, but the exact number of relocated people is not precisely known for now. The Red Cross was also notified.

Nicholas Tyson, Baltimore County Fire Department Press Information Officer, asked the public to stop interfering with emergency crews and let them do their job.

Two civilians and three firefighters ended up injured; two of the injuries were heat-related. 

Burn injuries are especially serious and can change the entire life of the victim.

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Insurance companies would do their best to downpay you, no matter how harsh your injury is. You can expect delays or even denied claims. This is why you should never go into this process on your own.

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