Will My Insurance Go Up If I Use My Insurance?

How Do Maryland PIP, UM, UIM And Property Damage Claims Impact Insurance Rates?

Many people are worried about filing a no-fault insurance claim because they fear their insurance company will raise their rates. However, why have no-fault insurance coverage and not use it when you need it? Our Maryland accident attorneys understand your concern about insurance rates, but we also encourage you to obtain experienced legal advice before you decide whether or not to file a no-fault insurance claim.

Call 410-525-5337 for a free consultation with one of our Maryland insurance claims attorneys. We can discuss your options for filing a claim, and the impact that filing a claim may have on all aspects related to the accident.

Filing a PIP Insurance Claim After an Accident

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a no-fault insurance that pays medical bills and lost wages after an accident regardless of who caused the crash. PIP benefits can be very important after an accident because you do not need to wait until fault is determined. The insurance provider for the other driver could take months or years to pay a claim. Therefore, having access to PIP insurance benefits can help you get the money you need right now to pay medical bills and living expenses while you recover from the accident.

Presently, insurance companies in Maryland are not permitted to increase rates or add surcharges to policies for PIP claims. Before 2010, an insurance provider could increase the rate for PIP insurance if a policyholder filed a claim. While you may not need to worry about your insurance rates increasing because of a PIP claim, the company could raise your insurance for other reasons, such as a property damage claim.

Property Damages Claims and Insurance Rates

If you file a claim against your property damage coverage, the insurance provider will likely increase your insurance rates. Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance cover damage to your vehicle. Collision insurance pays for the damage to a vehicle if you cause an accident that results in damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to the vehicle from events such as vandalism, theft, hail, and fire.

In most cases, you will see an increase in your insurance rates for a collision claim because you were at fault for the damage to your vehicle. However, some insurance providers are beginning to re-evaluate the insurance rates after a comprehensive insurance claim. You should discuss this question with your insurance agent to determine if you might expect an insurance rate increase after a property damage claim.

Claims Filed Under UM and UIM Policies

Uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance coverage protect you if you are in an accident with a driver who does not have sufficient insurance to pay your claim. Once you prove the other driver caused the accident, you can file a claim against your UM or UIM policy to recover compensation for your damages. However, many policyholders worry that if they file a no-fault insurance claim with their insurance provider, their insurance rates will increase.

As with PIP claims, your insurance provider may not raise your insurance rates based solely on a claim filed against your UM or UIM coverage. Filing a claim for no-fault insurance benefits is not a valid reason for increasing insurance rates. However, be very careful because your insurance company may find other reasons to increase your insurance rates to offset its losses for the claim.

If you suspect that your insurance company is increasing your automobile insurance rates for reasons that are not valid or legal, you can file a complaint with the Maryland Insurance Administration. You may want to be prepared to obtain a new insurance policy if your insurance provider cancels the policy for any reason.

Contact Pinder Plotkin LLC to Discuss Filing a No-Fault Insurance Claim

The process for filing a PIP, UM, or UIM claim should be simple. However, some insurance providers make filing no-fault insurance claims far more difficult than the process should be for policyholders. The insurance coverage is designed to protect the company’s policyholder, but some companies still want to protect profits by denying or undervaluing the claims.

You paid for UM, UIM, and PIP coverage and you have the right to expect your insurance provider to treat you fairly when you file a claim. We want to help ensure that you are treated fairly, and you recover the compensation you deserve for your claim.

Contact the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team by calling 410-525-5337 for a free consultation with one of our Maryland insurance claims attorneys.  We can review your case to determine your legal options for recovering compensation for your damages and injuries.


The information provided in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject. The information contained in this blog is also subject to change and should not be relied upon. Contact the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team for a FREE consultation.

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