A workplace injury is complex most of the time. Your health and finances will appear to be in jeopardy at that moment. In such cases, having workers compensation attorneys in Laurel on your side will be beneficial. It is critical to understand the relevant legal provisions and how to apply them to receive the correct amount of workers comp insurance.

To discover more about workers compensation and how to handle your issue, contact Pinder Plotkin, LLC. But first, let’s discuss how you can know whether or not your employer has workers comp insurance.

What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation, also known as workers comp, is a type of insurance that companies pay to cover any injuries that occur on the job. Maryland’s workers compensation law mandates that any employee injured on the job be compensated for medical expenses and lost income.

Unlike other forms of injury claims, workers comp insurance does not require that any party be at fault. As a result, you may not be able to sue your employer for work-related injuries and illnesses. However, you can file a lawsuit if your employer was willfully negligent or a third party caused your injuries.

What Does Workers Comp Insurance Cover in Laurel?

It’s worth noting that not all workplace illnesses or accidents are eligible for compensation. As an employee, you are only eligible for compensation if your accident happens while working. Therefore, the injury must occur when you’re on the job or due to your employer’s requirements for doing the job.

Also, you may develop occupational diseases due to hazardous conditions on your work premises. It could, for example, be an illness brought on by harmful gasses at work. Note that if a third party causes your injuries, you may still be eligible for workers compensation.

Workers Compensation Attorneys in Laurel Discuss Types of Work Comp Claims

As mentioned earlier, workers comp insurance reimburses you financially for any injuries you suffered while working professionally. This insurance covers medical expenditures, doctor visits, physical therapy, medicines, lost wages, etc.

Employees in Maryland are covered by this insurance and have the option of filing a claim. When filing these claims, pay attention to timing and know the exact type of claim to make.

Workers compensation claims are divided into three categories:

  • Temporary Disability

It is a type of insurance that compensates for missed wages while recuperating from an injury or sickness. The two categories are Temporary Total Disability (TTD) and Temporary Partial Disability (TPD), commonly known as “wage-loss TD.”

Temporary total disability is paid if you are wounded and unable to return to work. Temporary partial disabilities are disbursed when you can work, but only for a short period and at a lower income. For example, if you work part-time and your doctor limits the amount of work you can perform, you may be eligible for temporary partial disability benefits.

workers compensation attorneys in Laurel

  • Permanent Disability

Permanent partial disability and whole permanent disability are the two basic types of permanent disability in Maryland. According to the severity of your injuries, permanent partial disability provides varying compensation levels. These benefits will expire when you reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

Under Maryland law, permanent total disability occurs when a worker “can perform no service other than those so limited in quality, dependability, or quantity that there is no reasonably stable market for them.”

Permanent partial disability compensation is based on a proportion of specific “scheduled” or “unscheduled.”  These payments are paid based on your average weekly and may stop once the temporary incapacity period has ended.

A worker may be entitled to permanent total disability compensation if a work injury or disease prevents them from returning to any form of gainful employment. These weekly benefits continue for as long as they are alive.

  • Medical Hospitalization Benefits

If you are injured or unwell at work, you may be eligible for the above benefits when you make your claim. However, your employer or company insurance provider must give you inpatient benefits for your recovery.

This benefit includes medical and surgical treatments, hospital and nursing services, drugs, crutches, artificial limbs, and other prosthetic devices. If the need is justified, related to the injury or sickness, and you need continuous care, these benefits may be extended permanently.

  • Wage Reimbursement

You may be eligible for wage reimbursement under workers comp insurance. Our firm frequently represents employees who take their employers to a hearing and obtain back and ongoing salary benefits.

How Can I Know if My Employer Lacks Workers Comp Insurance in Maryland?

Although Maryland law mandates employers with one or more employees to have workers comp insurance, some do not. Employers who have one are to post the proof in a conspicuous place. The latter refers to where it can be seen easily.

If your employer did not paste the notice, you could check the Workers’ Compensation Coverage Verification (WCCV) service. It provides the entire public with information on workers compensation in the state.

However, note that not every business owner needs workers comp insurance. There are employers exempted from buying the policy. This include:

  • Agricultural employers with less than three employees or an annual payroll that totals less than $15,000
  • A business owner who is a sole proprietor
  • A partner in an independent partnership
  • An independent contractor

If you work for any of the above employers, you will not be entitled to workers comp insurance. However, these employers may choose to buy a policy to protect themselves. It is more prudent to have one than to pay compensation out-of-pocket.

Finally, if your employer is not exempted but fails to have workers comp insurance, they will face civil penalties. If found liable, they will pay a fine of up to $10,000. If the company is a corporation, the officers will bear the liability.

Do You Need Workers Compensation Attorneys in Laurel?

Have you or a family member suffered an injury at work? Contact Pinder Plotkin LLC today. Our primary goal is to assist our clients in receiving their compensation.

You don’t have to go through the stress of appealing or filing a workers comp insurance claim on your own, only to have it refused or delayed. Your claims are valuable to us, and we will ensure you receive the proper settlement. When you work with our experts, you will never have to take unacceptable compensation.

Working with our legal team is a relatively simple process with no upfront or hidden costs! You only have to pay our legal team if we are successful in your workers’ compensation case. Book a free consultation with our Laurel personal injury lawyers now.

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