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Truck accidents are typically catastrophic. Many of these accidents happen in Maryland due to the presence of lots of trucks. This more so applies to Prince George and Ellicott City Counties. Severe injuries happen when truck accidents occur. Road users may also pass on. The weight of the materials being transported and the size of the trucks are significant factors leading to the high fatality rates and severe injuries. You should reach out for help when you are involved in such an accident. It is your right.

You deserve to be compensated for all injuries and damages. Remember, accidents involving trucks can severely alter your life. The best action for you during such situations is to find a competent Ellicott City Truck Accident Lawyer to represent you while you take some time off to recover.

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What Should You Do Once You Are Involved In A Truck Accident?

Our personal injury lawyers are aware of how difficult it can be to remain calm once an accident has occurred. Nonetheless, the actions that you take in the aftermath can severely determine the outcome of the case. So, it is important that you understand what needs to be done amidst the tension and chaos. Never drive away regardless of how undamaged your car is. Leave it within the scene of the accident. Remember to call the police. The documentation of whatever transpired during the accident is done by the police. This is what the jury uses when awarding compensation.

Always try to help other victims if you are unharmed. It’s the compassionate thing to do. Simple actions such as dragging other victims from damaged cars can go a long way to saving their lives. Still, don’t forget to find out more information from the other motorists, including their driving license and insurance coverage details. Ask any witnesses around about what happened as you take note of their contacts.

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Never assume that you are fine just because you came out unscathed in a truck accident. Seek the advice of a medical professional to ascertain whether you have any internal injuries. Lastly, reach out to your Ellicott City truck accident lawyer. This will ensure everything is up to speed in regards to your claim.

What Are the Laws Regarding Truck Accident Liability?

Victims of truck accidents in Maryland have several ways in which they can recover from any incurred losses. This is in accordance with the law. There are various state rules and regulations that trucking companies are required to follow. These rules involve route restrictions, load limits, and working hour limits that drivers should comply with. If any of these laws are not adhered to, it leaves a loophole for a solid legal claim.

For instance, a contributory negligence rule exists in Maryland. The rule forbids plaintiffs from being awarded compensation if they are liable for any fault. This translates to even if a 1% chance of their actions led to the accident. Still, this rule doesn’t apply to any injuries. It only applies to truck accidents. A motorist who hasn’t worn a seatbelt can be injured when an accident occurs. However, this doesn’t fall under the category of contributory negligence since the driver wasn’t at fault for the accident.

There are other laws that apply for these accidents including:

  • Statute of limitations explaining the time limits for filing claims
  • The responsibility to stop and share information after the accident
  • The duty to offer reasonable assistance at the scene of the accident to any victims, including assistance to transfer them to the nearest medical facilities
  • The obligation to inform the authorities about any accident involving fatalities or bodily harm
  • Licenses and registration being suspended for sharing false information about an accident.

Rest assured that some of the steps we advise our clients to take are guided by law as seen from the laws detailed above.

What Assistance Can A Truck Accident Attorney Offer?

You require the assistance of a competent Truck Accident Lawyer in Maryland after the occurrence of a truck accident. Remember, there are lots of things that happen once you are involved in a truck accident. Claiming compensation isn’t a walk in the park. Still, the defendants will fight hard to ensure you are awarded the bare minimum. Deciding to go after your compensation on your own may not be a wise idea. You’ll be going up against some of this niche’s finest attorneys. You’ll have a significantly slim chance of winning your case.

Investigating Cause

A truck accident attorney could be of much help in the investigation stage. There’s is a high possibility that you’ll get injured if you are involved in an accident involving trucks. You may not be in the best condition healthwise to conduct an investigation. A lawyer can take up this role. He or she can gather all relevant facts about the accident and build an uptight case. Talking to witnesses is important at this stage. Also, images taken at the scene of the accident can help show that you deserve compensation.

Filing the Claim

The filing of the claim occurs once the attorney has gathered all the facts of the case. This should be done together with all the evidence collected. The amount of compensation goes hand in hand with the strength of your claim. The attorneys representing the defendant are aware of this.

Handling Negotiations

The negotiation stage is usually complex since the trucking company lawyers will try to offer low compensation amounts. They may corner you into a half-baked deal. This is why you need a competent lawyer to handle all negotiations. This ensures you get the compensation that you deserve. This will be done while keeping you in the loop since they know the pros and cons of litigation. You may not need to go to court if they offer you favorable compensation. You may settle all matters out of court.

Representation in Court

Litigation is the next step if an agreement can’t be reached. Your truck accident attorney will present all evidence of your case to the jury. They will present a verdict once they consider all the evidence. Your lawyer has experience in these kinds of cases. Statements that your lawyer will collect and analyze from witnesses, as well as evidence, will go a long way in building a strong case.

Maryland has complex truck accident laws. It’ll be a nightmare for you to get a favorable outcome if you have no idea about these laws. Filing claims is an involving process. You should contact a professional lawyer for assistance in such matters rather than struggling all by yourself.

What Types of Compensation Can I Receive?

Compensations are typically classified into 3 groups. They include:

Economic Damages

These are the most popular. Expenses such as lost wages, domestic services, medical expenses, replacement, or repair of vehicles involved in the accident, among others are covered here.

Non-Economic Damages

These damages involve aspects that aren’t easily measurable. Aspects such as emotional stress, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and lack of life enjoyment are covered here. A multiplier technique is involved in the computation of these damages. The economic damages are multiplied by an arrived at figure depending on the accident’s severity.

Punitive Damages

These damages don’t have anything to do with compensation. They aren’t geared to compensate for your losses. They are punishments given to the defendant to discourage them from committing negligent actions in the future. These punishments vary based on the severity of the defendant’s recklessness.

A man with a neck injury from a truck accident.

What’s the Deadline for Filing a Claim in Maryland?

The statute of limitations in Maryland allows for claims to be filed before three years elapse after the occurrence of an accident. This timeline begins from the date of the accident.

How Do You Determine Fault In a Truck Accident?

The actions of the parties in a truck accident are scrutinized to find out who is at fault. It is hard to recollect the actual incidents of an accident. However, the jury can get an idea of what happened through evidence collected as soon as the accident occurred. The plaintiff can’t get any compensation if it is proved that contributory negligence led to the accident. Nonetheless, there are a lot of regulations that trucks are required to follow while on the highway.

Can An Attorney Prove the Negligence of the Truck Driver?

Yes, your truck accident lawyer has a role in proving the negligence of the truck driver. The investigation phase should point this out. Evidence collected during this stage should show the faults that the driver committed leading to the accident. The police usually determine the fault when they arrive at the scene of the accident. Their analysis of data such as skid marks, the car positions after the crash happened, and the statements of witnesses can prove if the driver was negligent.

Filling out the claim form can happen once all this information is available. This ensures the lawyer provides sufficient reasons detailing why the truck driver was negligent. Here, they also state the compensation they’ve determined that you deserve for the damages.

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Maryland laws make truck accidents less straightforward in comparison to auto accidents. For this reason, you need the help of an experienced and competent truck accident attorney. Our car accident lawyers will provide you with all the legal assistance you require for your truck accident case. Evidence collection, filing of the claim, and negotiations with the defendant’s team are the responsibilities of your lawyer. Still, your truck accident attorney should represent you in court if matters can’t be resolved out of court.

You should not just pick any lawyer to represent you in your truck accident case. Your lawyer should have a great track record of handling truck accident cases. You have a greater chance of getting your rightful compensation if you choose a competent and experienced lawyer. Pinder Plotkin LLC has the best truck accident attorneys in Ellicott City. They have reliable and professional lawyers who will help you at every step of the way with your case.


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