Did you know that there are about 40,000 fatal motor accidents in the U.S. per year? This goes to show how frequent car accidents happen. Have you been injured in a car accident in Ellicott City, Maryland? If so, don’t waste even a second, immediately get in touch with a trustworthy Ellicott City car accident lawyer.  At Pinder Plotkin, our specialized motor accident attorney are ready to spring into action and assist you. Reach out to us today for a FREE consultation!

More often than not, car accidents are caused by a driver’s fault. When a driver is reckless, driving under the influence or driving when distracted, chances are these faults will be the cause of an accident. However, faulty drivers aren’t always to blame when it comes to motor accidents. There are also environmental factors such as road constructions, bad weather, and motor malfunctions that could lead to a car accident.

Whichever the cause, it will make a world of difference to have a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Ellicott City to help you through the motor accident case. Accidents are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  When you are a victim of a vehicle accident, dealing with the intricacies of the case can be quite overwhelming, and therefore, it’s crucial to have a Maryland personal injury lawyer by your side.

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How Much Does An Ellicott City Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

It will cost you nothing! One of the questions that people involved in vehicle accidents ask is whether they can afford to pay for a reputable car accident attorney. However, you may be surprised to learn that here at Pinder Plotkin; we structure the payment in such a way that there are no upfront costs. Our payments are based on a contingent fee agreement, by which we get paid on an agreed-upon percentage of the total settlement.

The contingency fee ranges between 25 and 40 percent of the settlement, which means that the standard percentage is about 33% of the final settlement. For example, if a client is awarded $300,000 as a settlement in a motor accident, the fee of the lawyer would amount to $99,000.

Keep in mind that a contingent fee agreement may also cover court fees and litigation fees. It might also include a clause that states that the contingency fee might increase if the case goes to trial.

Since we are paid based on the contingent fee contract, we are more motivated to help with your case and secure the best compensation for you.

Actions To Take Immediately After A Car Accident

A motor accident can happen in a blink of an eye, potentially damaging your vehicle and even causing injuries. While planning what to do before an accident happens might seem pretty pessimistic, it’s an excellent way to protect yourself because an accident can leave even the best drivers frazzled. If you’ve been involved in a motor accident, whether it’s a fender bender or a severe crash, contact a qualified attorney immediately.

There are a few steps you need to follow, and a couple of mistakes you need to avoid after a vehicle accident to protect your claim. Having an attorney present will help you avoid mistakes that could harm your claim.   

Here at Pinder Plotkin, our experienced and highly qualified auto accident lawyers are familiar with all factors that need to be considered when filing a car accident claim. They will walk you through each step of the case and help you understand the different elements that help you obtain damages. Ultimately, they will help you get the best compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering as well as other expenses, including medical bills and vehicle repair expenses.

Therefore, it’s imperative to promptly contact a qualified Ellicott City auto accident attorney to tell you precisely what you need to do to protect your claim and get your compensation as quickly as possible.

Car accident in Ellicott City, Maryland.
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How Long After An Auto Accident Do You Have To File A Claim?

A vehicle accident, even a fender bender can be pretty scary. Plus, there are a lot of things to handle afterward – treating injuries, assessing damages, and trying to get a grip on what happened. In the midst of all these, it’s easy to delay filing a lawsuit. But just how long after the car accident do you have before filing a lawsuit? Maryland has a 3-year statute of limitations for car accidents. In simple terms, you only have a window of three years to file a claim before it is forever barred. It’s crucial that you reach out to a qualified attorney as quickly as possible.

What Is The Role Of Insurance Companies In Auto Accident Cases?

In an ideal scenario, after a vehicle accident, it’s up to the insurance companies to compensate the injured party. Unfortunately, rather than have your back, lawyers representing the insurance company put the company’s interests first, which means they pay for the least amount. Under such circumstances, the best course of action is to have someone you can trust in your corner – a qualified Ellicott City auto accident attorney.

It’s important to note that you’re entitled to more than the minimum amount. You should be wholly reimbursed for all expenses, including lost wages. Moreover, you could be entitled to compensation for injuries, pain, loss of life, and other damages.

Every car accident is unique, and unique elements of the case will determine the settlement amount. A qualified Ellicott City auto accident attorney is precisely who you need to help you understand more about these particulars. Speaking to an expert car accident lawyer will help you get a clear picture of every detail of the case and choose the best route to help you win your claim. For example, one way a person could hurt their chances of winning a car accident lawsuit is by neglecting medical treatment advice.

Ellicott City Car Accident Infographic

Having a qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced car accident lawyer in Ellicott City has numerous benefits, including:

  • They help investigate circumstances surrounding the vehicle accident and gather evidence.
  • They have a diverse knowledge of the particular laws that apply to your car accident case.
  • They help determine the real value of the damages.
  • They also follow up on the lawsuit in court if necessary.
  • They negotiate with insurance companies and protect you from them.
  • They pursue the best route to get you maximum compensation.

You should note that Maryland is a contributory negligence state, which means that if the injured party is found to be at fault, the claim may be thrown entirely out of the court. With such severe consequences looming over your head, an injured party must consult with an experienced car accident lawyer regardless of the circumstances surrounding the car accident case.

How Long Does It Take To Settle An Auto Accident Case?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict how long it can take to settle an auto accident case. Some cases are almost settled immediately after the plaintiff files a lawsuit, whereas other cases settle after even up to two years.

An auto accident can turn people’s lives upside down. There’s the trauma, the injuries, pain, and sometimes loss of life. When dealing with all these, it’s tempting to want to settle the case as quickly as possible in the hope of moving forward. But this may not be a wise choice because you might not be fully aware of the extent of the injuries.

Wait until your doctor has given you the green light before you settle to avoid the other party undercutting the impact of the injuries on your life. Rushing through the settlement could not only leave you with an unfavorable compensation but also prevents you from opening the case ever again.

It takes time to get the best compensation from a car accident claim, and allowing an experienced car accident lawyer in Ellicott City to represent you is the best option for you.

Benefits of Hiring An Ellicott City Car Accident Lawyer

Dealing with an auto accident case might feel like looking down a never-ending abyss. But having a qualified, trustworthy, and experienced auto accident attorney by your side can help protect your best interests as well as your future. No matter the circumstances surrounding the cause of the motor accident, you deserve compensation for your hassle, pain, and injuries.

Here at Pinder Plotkin, we have highly qualified and experienced Ellicott City personal injury attorneys who take pride in passionately defending your right to compensation after a car accident. Our lawyers are dedicated to making your case as seamless as possible and make compensation a reality.

Call us now and let’s discuss your case privately and for free!

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