As car accident lawyers in Ellicott City, we see our share of deadly traffic collisions. By now it should be obvious that driving at high speeds can be dangerous. Whether a driver is going at rates faster than the posted limit or traveling too fast for road conditions, excessive speeds can lead to crashes. Many of them are deadly. Typically, highways and rural roads account for the highest percentage of fatal accidents. Furthermore, speeding is more likely to cause a deadly collision on a two-way street than a freeway. That’s because the latter doesn’t have intersections and all vehicles go in the same direction.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that more than 25 percent of all fatalities in 2018 involved motorists driving at unlawful speeds. There were 9,378 deaths in accidents where at least one driver was going at excessive speeds. Those accounted for 26 percent of total traffic fatalities for the year. The figures demonstrated a decrease of six percent from the previous year.

Drivers who speed are careless and if they cause injuries in a crash, they can be held liable. To get compensation, you will need to seek advice from an Ellicott City car accident lawyer. You can be certain that the other driver’s insurance company will put up a fight even if their client was clearly at fault. Hiring an attorney is often the best way to ensure you get fair compensation.

Why Speeding Is So Dangerous

Car accident lawyers in Ellicott City will tell you that a driver who is going at a fast speed will take longer to stop and need more space to safely do so. Even if they notice an impending collision, they may not be able to prevent it by stopping or taking evasive action. Evidence that a driver was going above the speed limit is often enough to show that they were negligent.

However, motorists who drive under the speed limit can also be held liable for damages. That’s because drivers must adjust their speed to suit the condition of the road. If visibility is poor because of fog or the roadway is wet, drivers should slow down. Driving at the usual speed limit may prevent them from stopping in time to prevent a collision.

Motorists also need to consider their health when they decide the speed at which to drive. If an individual’s reflexes have been impaired because of age, a medical condition or medication, they may need to drive slower than a driver with a faster reaction time. If they can’t react as is required on a regular basis, it’s in their best interests to bring their driving career to an end. Whatever the reason for the crash, car accident victims should hire Ellicott City car accident lawyers to help them get the compensation they deserve.

Factors That Affect the Severity of a Crash

Accidents can be complex and multiple things can determine how serious an accident is. For example, crashes involving bicyclists or pedestrians can result in serious injuries even at 12 miles per hour. Similarly, head-on and T-bone collisions can cause serious injuries even when the drivers are going as slowly as 18 miles per hour. However, faster speeds can lead to even more disastrous consequences and deadly traffic collisions.

The angle of impact can be significant. In head-on crashes that occur at low speeds, airbags and crumple zones can provide protection. However, T-bone accidents can be more serious if the vehicle doesn’t have side-impact airbags. These crashes can also lead to rollovers, further compounding the damage.

Based on the observations of car accident lawyers in Ellicott City, the size of the vehicles relative to each other is also an important factor. When one vehicle is much larger and heavier than the other, mass can make even more of a difference than speed. Large trucks going at relatively slow speeds are known to cause more significant damage than passenger vehicles that are going faster. Of course, a large truck traveling at excessive speeds is likely to cause catastrophic injuries.

Another contributing factor is the construction of the vehicle. Some vehicles are sturdier than others and they have state-of-the-art crash prevention systems. Often, more recent models are more capable of withstanding a collision than older models.

Regardless of the factors that led to your crash, you deserve to be compensated if it was not your fault.

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