Car Strikes Baltimore County Ambulance in Rosedale Causing Injuries

A vehicle struck a Baltimore County ambulance in Rosedale on the inner loop of Interstate 695 in the Rosedale area. The accident occurred during the Monday, August 2nd, evening rush hour. The crash happened as the car swerved to avoid an object on the roadway and hit the ambulance in Rosedale.

According to a news report, the crash took place just after 4 p.m. The report disclosed that there appeared to be a refrigerator on the road by the ambulance and a passenger vehicle. The collision happened when the car tried swerving to avoid striking the object.

The ambulance had no patients, but other vehicles were involved, and their occupants sustained injuries. Medics conveyed them to area hospitals to treat non-life-threatening injuries. The incident led to the closure of three lanes on the interstate.

Traffic accidents are not uncommon on Maryland highways, especially when there are multiple vehicles on the road. When a crash happens, it is imperative to determine who the fault party is and who the victim is. Law enforcement investigators do this by taking witness statements, photos of the crash scene, and going through video footage. They also call in their accident reconstruction experts.

When the evidence establishes the fault party, the victim can then commence an insurance claim for compensation. This is possible because Maryland is a tort (fault) state, meaning victims can get compensated for their injuries and losses from the fault party. For a claim to succeed, the victim must have a strong case.

Unfortunately, most victims are unaware of what makes a strong case and always cash out at the first opportunity. This is why you should get an excellent Maryland car accident lawyer involved in your case. Contact us at Pinder Plotkin, LLC, today to learn how we can help you.


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