Maryland law allows accident victims to recover compensation for their injuries. However, some crash survivors destroy their chances of getting any money. This is because they often don’t know that their actions can reduce their chances of success.

Also, it could be that they neglected to do something that could help their case. Therefore, if you’ve been in a car accident, it’ll be best to hire a Maryland car accident attorney. An experienced lawyer can guide your actions and inactions. This way, you won’t make any mistakes that negatively affect your case.

Top 4 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

Maryland car accident victims make many mistakes that can adversely affect their claims. However, these are the four most dangerous mistakes you should avoid.

1. Underestimating Your Injuries

The first mistake accident victims make is underestimating their accident wounds. Here, they classify their injuries as unserious without a doctor’s opinion. Unfortunately, minimizing their injuries in this manner often makes crash survivors ignore medical treatment. In addition, underestimating your injuries has many disadvantages.

Firstly, many accident wounds aren’t immediately apparent. They could take a day or two before showing up. Furthermore, if it’s an internal injury, you may not notice it. So, avoiding medical care may worsen the wound or make it fatal. In addition, medical treatment links your injuries to the accident.

Therefore, your medical diagnosis, records, and hospital bills are all relevant evidence for your claim. Consequently, if you underestimate your wounds, you won’t have these documents. An insurance company may then use this as an excuse to deny your claim.

2. Speaking to the Fault Party’s Insurance Company

Maryland is a fault accident state. So, the responsible driver covers the losses of an accident. However, their insurance company wouldn’t be too eager to part with this money. This makes it possible for insurance companies to do anything to escape liability. One such tactic is to ask the injured victim for a statement. When the insurer approaches you, you may think they’re after the truth. However, this is highly unlikely.

Instead, they’re simply checking if you’ll say anything they can use against you. So, they’ll be checking for contradictions in your speech. It’s also important to note that many times the insurer would approach you immediately after the collision. At this point, you may still be disoriented from the crash. Therefore, it’s best to NOT talk to the fault party’s insurer. If you must say anything, ensure that your attorney is present. This way, they can regulate what you say.

3. Waiting Too Long

Even if you suffer losses in a collision, you don’t have all the time to file a claim. Instead, Maryland law provides a definite time frame for filing an action. You can see this statutory period in the Maryland Statute of Limitations. This statute grants you a three-year window for car accident lawsuits. Therefore, if you approach the court late, they’ll deny you access.

So, you have to institute your compensation claim early. However, the statutory limitation isn’t the only downside to late claims. Late actions can also make you lose relevant evidence. For example, witnesses’ memories may start fading. In addition, you may lose crucial documents. So, avoid this mistake at all costs.

4. Posting on Social Media

Social media is now part of our everyday interactions. We go there to share our wins and disappointments. Furthermore, people document their lives on these platforms too. So, posting about escaping a Maryland car accident is pretty frequent. However, this is a terrible mistake that can cost you dearly.

As we said above, the fault party’s insurer would be looking for evidence to discredit your claims. Therefore, they’ll compare all your narrations of the accident. If they find any contradictions, they can challenge your compensation claim. Your social media post is clearly a narration of the accident. So, best believe that they’ll analyze that too. Therefore, it’ll be best NOT to say anything about the collision online.

Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You!

Have you survived a Maryland car accident? Then, you may be eligible to recover damages from the fault driver. Did you make any of the mistakes above? If you did, all hope isn’t yet lost. First, however, you need the best Maryland car accident lawyers if you’ll get any compensation.

Our attorneys at Pinder Plotkin, LLC, have worked with many Maryland car accident victims. Many of them also made mistakes that adversely hurt their case, but with our experience, we were able to turn the case in their favor. This could be your story too. So, why not call us today for a free consultation on your case?

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