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There is rarely much warning when a car accident happens. In the immediate aftermath of an auto accident, don’t hesitate to give a Bel Air car accident lawyer at Pinder Plotkin a call. We have years of experience in handling car accident cases and take great pride in helping our clients get the compensation they deserve. Call us today to book a free consultation.

There can be a host of environmental and situational factors that can play a role in causing an accident. Some of these can include the condition of the car, the construction projects in the area or even the presence of ice and snow on the road. Then, there are many errors that can be made by the motorists involved such as driving while texting, driving under the influence or driving while tired and sleepy. No matter the reason, if you are involved in a car accident, there are some important reasons to consider qualified legal aid to navigate the legal aspects connected to the accident.

Legalities can be detailed and complex, which is why you should allow a competent Bel Air personal injury lawyer to handle this while you focus on the important task of recovery.

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What Does it Cost to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Bel Air?

Absolutely Nothing! At Pinder Plotkin we will never require any upfront payments from a client, we only collect our fees after we have successfully pursued the case and recovered compensation for the accident and injuries.

Here is how it works. In the event that your case is won and you are given your compensation, contingency fees for the legal service will be anywhere from 25% to 40% of the total compensation awarded. If you were to win $150,000 and be charged a 30% contingency fee, you would receive $100,000. Typically, your lawyers will include a provision that allows them to increase the fee in the event they are taken to trial. Because personal injury can be a complex and grueling negotiation process, contingency fees can often be as high as 40%.

What Actions Should You Take After a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident in Bel Air, Maryland, you will want to contact your car accident attorney as soon as possible. There are some important things to do in the aftermath of an accident that can greatly improve the strength of your claim. With an experienced car accident lawyer, you will be able to make decisive and enlightened decisions and avoid many of the pitfalls and dangers that can threaten your case and compensation.

A person taking a photo of the damage to their car after an accident.

You can rely on the skill and experience of Pinder Plotkin Law Firm to safely guide you through the process and take all of the potential advantages and disadvantages into account. You will be able to use the major contributors to ensure you build a strong lawsuit from the very beginning. In addition to the costs of property damage, you may also be entitled to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and the pain and suffering you’re experienced in the accident. The only way you will know the full value of your case, will be to have the details examined by an experienced lawyer at Pinder Plotkin.

When Do I Need to File an Auto Accident Claim?

There is a time limit to filing a claim after a car accident called the statute of limitations. This varies from state to state, but in Maryland, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the accident. But, don’t wait till the last minute, the sooner we begin the investigation the stronger it will be.

The Role of Insurance Companies in Car Accidents

While it seems that insurance companies are the guardian angels providing coverage in times of need, their key motivators are not so altruistic. Insurance companies collect income from their clients and attempt to pay them back as little as they possibly can and will go to great lengths to achieve this goal. Their first tactic will be to toss you low-ball offer equal to a mere fraction of the total value of your case – because anything else would negatively impact their profits.

But, you have a right to be compensated for every penny that the accident has cost you and many of these damages will not be fully evident until much later when the total costs have been tallied. Damages you may suffer and have a right to be compensated for include medical expenses for injuries sustained in the accident, wages lost due to time off because of these injuries as well as the pain you suffer. Serious injuries can be life-changing and you will want to be compensated for the future costs as well.

No two cases are the same so it is impossible to give a definite value to your case without fully reviewing all the details. Talking to an experienced car accident attorney in Bel Air is the best way to get a better idea of the value of your personal case, so you can know just how much insurance adjuster is trying to stiff you out of even if their offer sounds reasonable. You can also avoid any of the smaller actions you may inadvertently make that can harm your case. Did you know that failure to show up at every medical session your health providers recommend can jeopardize your chances?

There are several important advantages to signing on with a qualified Belair car accident lawyer. While it would be ideal to reach a settlement out of court, should this prove impossible, you will need a professional counsel to take this case before a court.

A person speaking with an insurance adjuster after a car accident in Bel Air, Maryland.

But, even before the case is taken to court, your car accident lawyer will help you by calculating the full sum of your damages, investigating the case, detecting the true parties responsible for the accident and drafting and filing your claim. At Pinder Plotkin, we prepare every case as if it will be taken to courts, but our diligence and passion allow many of our cases to be settled through negotiations.

Furthermore, if the injured victim is responsible for the accident to any degree, under the contributory negligence laws of the state of Maryland they will not be entitled to any compensation. As you can imagine, insurance adjusters will look for any way they can to implicate you in some shred of responsibility. Because of the amount at stake, a proficient Bel Air car accident lawyer is invaluable to building a solid case and avoiding the machinations of insurance adjusters.

Hiring a Bel Air Car Accident Attorney

Have you or someone you know been injured or killed in a Bel Air car accident? Don’t take any chances. Pinder Plotkin has the skill and experience to pursue your case and assist you in every step of the process. We will help you navigate the complex world of personal injury and get you the full compensation the law allows by showing you the best moves for your situation.


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