Can A Baltimore Workers’ Comp Attorney Tell Me How Much My Claim is Worth?

Any Baltimore workers comp attorney is aware that employees who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses usually experience some measure of stress. Often, they worry about whether they’ll be able to support themselves and their families if they’re unable to work for some time. In most cases, depending on the nature, severity and duration of the individual’s condition, specific workers’ compensation benefits are available. In Maryland, covered injuries are those that arise out of employment or in the course of employment.

Workers who consult an attorney often ask their lawyers about how much they’ll be able to receive. However, it is difficult to give an answer upfront. Benefits vary widely depending on the circumstances. Let’s look at some types of compensation that you may be able to get.

Workers’ Comp Benefits Available in Baltimore

If you are unable to carry out your usual duties because of your injury, you may be eligible for disability benefits. In a case where you can’t work at all, you are entitled to two-thirds of your average weekly wage as long as the amount doesn’t exceed Maryland’s weekly wage. However, if you can work in a limited capacity, you only be entitled to partial disability benefits. This amount is equal to 50 percent of the difference between your pre-injury wages and your post-injury wages. However, the payment can’t be more than half of the state’s average weekly wage.

As long as you are eligible for workers’ comp, you won’t have to pay for medical care. This includes:

  • Doctors’ bills
  • Visits to the emergency room
  • The cost of ambulance transportation
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgical operations
  • Diagnostic and imaging tests
  • The cost of therapy
  • Medication and medical devices
  • Nursing services

Your employer’s workers’ comp insurer will pay these healthcare providers directly. They will continue to receive payment until you reach maximum medical improvement. This is the point at which no amount of medical treatment will improve your condition. A Baltimore workers’ comp attorney will advise you that, for some workers, maximum medical improvement means they’ve fully recovered. However, in some cases, doctors determine that they’ve done all they can for an individual even though they haven’t returned to their pre-injury state. In such a case, they’ll assign the worker an impairment rating. To ensure you get the benefits to which you’re entitled, you should hire a Baltimore workers compensation attorney.

Settling Your Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you’re not permanently impaired, you will stop receiving disability benefits when the doctor clears you to return to work. Unlike what would happen with a personal injury claim, you won’t be able to get compensation for pain and suffering or other intangible losses.

However, if you have a permanent impairment, you may be entitled to other benefits depending on the nature of your injuries and your impairment rating. There are two types of permanent disability benefits. Workers who are unable to perform even the most basic duties are considered are eligible for permanent total disability benefits. These are workers who will never be able to work again because of their job-related injury or illness.

If you lost both hands, feet, arms, legs, or eyes or any two of these body parts, you would fall into this category. These benefits are paid as long as the disability continues. The amount is equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage as long as this doesn’t surpass the state’s average weekly wage.

Attaching a dollar figure to permanent partial disability is different. The state assigns a specific number of weeks of benefits to several body parts and this is adjusted based on the impairment rating. The total loss of a leg is worth 300 weeks of partial disability benefits. If a doctor assigned your leg a 50 percent impairment rating, you would be entitled to 150 weeks of benefits.

However, the actual amount you would get for each week would be based on whether you fall into tier one, two or three. Tier one covers those claims that are between 1 week and 74 weeks while tier two covers those between 75 and 249 weeks. Serious disability claims fall into tier 3 which covers claims amounting to 250 weeks or more. Each tier is capped based on Maryland’s average weekly wage. Consult a Baltimore workers’ comp attorney to have a better idea of the figures.

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If you want to maximize the value of your claim, you need to ensure that your average weekly wage is calculated correctly, and you’re assigned the right impairment rating.  You need to hire an experienced Baltimore workers’ comp attorney to act on your behalf. That way, you can focus on your recovery while someone else handles everything else. At Pinder Plotkin LLC, we’ll do everything possible to ensure you’re treated fairly. Book a consultation today.


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