I Was In An Auto Accident While I Was On Vacation. What Do I Do?

Car Accident

There are a few things that can ruin a vacation very quickly. Becoming ill, losing your wallet, delayed flights, lost luggage, and car accidents are just a few. Maryland has beautiful vacation spots that attract thousands of tourists each year. Unfortunately, some tourists will be involved in a car crash while visiting Maryland.

Likewise, many of our friends and neighbors leave Maryland on vacation each year. Sadly, some Marylanders may be involved in an out-of-state car accident while they are traveling. Whether you are a resident of Maryland or a tourist, the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team can help you protect your legal rights by filing a car accident claim.

Steps for Out-of-State Auto Accidents

Most of the steps you need to follow after a car accident in your home state apply to an out-of-state auto accident.

  • Call the Police

If you are on vacation and involved in a car crash, the first thing you should do is call 911 to report the accident. Many states require drivers to report accidents even though there may be little to no property damage or injuries. Therefore, you need to err on the side of caution and report the crash.

Furthermore, you need an official accident report for several reasons. Even if you do not believe you suffered serious injuries, you could realize after you return home that you were injured. A police report provides an official record of the collision, but it also provides vital information you need for an injury claim, including the other driver’s name and the driver’s insurance information. The police report may also have other vital information important to your claim, including the police officer’s determination of fault.

  • Notify Your Insurance Provider

You need to notify your insurance provider as soon as possible. Some states have extremely low minimum car insurance amounts. You might need to access your underinsured motorist coverage if the at-fault driver does not have sufficient insurance coverage to pay all your claims.

  • Notify Rental Car Agencies

If you are driving a rented vehicle, you should also notify the rental car agency immediately. Your rental agreement may require you to take specific actions after a car accident involving the rental vehicle.  It is important that you comply with the terms of the lease agreement. However, you may want to consult an Annapolis car accident attorney before providing statements or signing documents for the car rental agency. You want to ensure you do not relinquish your legal rights or accept liability unnecessarily. Do not forget to notify your insurance agent and verify whether your insurance covers the rental vehicle.

  • Document the Accident Scene

If possible, take pictures and make a video of the accident scene. You should try to capture the location of the vehicles, signs, red lights, road markings, the surrounding area, and any other items that could be a factor in the accident. Also, ask eyewitnesses to provide their names and telephone numbers. It could be very difficult to locate these individuals after you leave the area; therefore, try to get as much contact information as you can from each of the witnesses.

  • Seek Medical Treatment

You need to see a doctor. If you are not seriously injured, you might want to see an urgent care doctor if you will remain in the area for a few days. Documenting your injuries are important too. Therefore, even if you intend to see your family doctor when you get home, it can be helpful to report your pain and other symptoms to a doctor and be checked for injuries that might not be immediately known after a crash.

Should I Seek Medical Attention After A Car Accident?

  • Consult An Annapolis Car Accident Attorney

For serious injuries that will require you to remain in the area for a week or more, you might want to consider meeting with a local attorney who handles car accident claims. A local attorney is familiar with state laws and procedures for filing an accident claim. In addition, a local attorney knows most of the insurance adjusters assigned to the area and how to deal with the insurance companies. Also, a local attorney understands the state laws governing deadlines for filing accident claims. Even if you suffered only minor injuries, a local car accident lawyer might be able to help you locate a local repair shop or arrange for a rental vehicle to get home.

If you do not consult a local accident attorney after a car accident while on vacation, you should speak with an attorney when you get home. A car accident during your vacation causes immediate problems. However, you may also have problems after you get back home. An experienced car accident attorney can help you navigate the issues related to car accidents while on vacation.

Annapolis Car Accident Attorneys

Whether you live in Maryland or you are visiting Maryland, we are here to help if you are injured in an auto accident. Contact Pinder Plotkin LLC by calling 410-661-9440 to schedule your free consultation with an Annapolis personal injury lawyer.

The information provided in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject. The information contained in this blog is also subject to change and should not be relied upon. Contact the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team for a FREE consultation.

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  1. There was a car accident last night involving my sister and she wants to be properly compensated for her injuries. It was explained here that she should first call the police and document the scene before meeting an attorney. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer for the best outcome.

  2. I’ve heard that my sister called the police when she got into a car accident. Thanks for mentioning that she should notify her insurance provider about it so I’ll tell her about this. It may be wise to have her consult an auto accident attorney as well so I’ll look for one near her area so she can go to one as soon as possible.

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    I like your tip about calling the police after an accident. Hiring an attorney is important if you have been injured. If I were to get hurt behind the wheel, I would find the best lawyer in my area.

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    You mentioned that we should consider meeting with a local attorney if we have serious injuries. This is great to know, especially because my sister got in a car accident on vacation last week. She has been in the hospital ever since. I’ll look into finding an attorney to help her out so that she gets the money she deserves.

  6. Thank you for your advice about making sure that you contact your insurance provider as soon as possible if you get in a wreck on vacation. My family is planning on going a couple of states over to the back, but I am a bit of a worrywart and I want to be sure that we are prepared in any circumstance. I also feel like this is just really good information to have to be prepared in emergency situations. Thanks for the article!

  7. My sister was driving up north for vacation when she got involved in a car accident and she wants to be compensated for the damages. It was suggested here that she should notify the insurance provider and document the scene for complaint. Furthermore, it’s best to consult an experienced car accident lawyer for the best outcome.

  8. Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for explaining how you will need an accident report when getting into an accident while on vacation. I will be going on a road trip to explore the Midwest this summer, and I want to prepare as much as I can in the case that I get in an accident. I will start looking into finding an attorney that I can turn to in the case that I get into an accident.

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  10. Amy Winters says:

    Thanks for pointing out that local attorneys will be familiar with the laws and procedures of that state. My husband and I were in a car accident during our road trip and both received moderate injuries. I wasn’t sure how to proceed from here, so your tip to look for a local personal injury attorney should really help us out.