Annapolis Man Receives 20 Years Imprisonment for Killing Cyclist

An Annapolis man received 20-year imprisonment for killing a cyclist while driving impaired. The verdict came on Thursday, August 12th. The Honorable Pamela Alban presided over the case, and Assistant State’s Attorney Carolynn Grammas prosecuted the case on behalf of the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

The Annapolis man, Carl Behler, 67, also got 5-year supervised probation for the crash that killed Arthur Carter Jr. and injured six others. The Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney said the defendant was under the influence of drugs while driving his 2015 GMC Yukon on East College Parkway in Annapolis. He then struck multiple bicyclists riding in single file.

Aside from Carter, the crash left Jeffery Adler with life-threatening injuries and injured Kathleen Hayes, Nigel Samaroo, Christopher Bradshaw, Joseph Hikel, and Jonathan Korin. Last week, Behler pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter causing life-threatening injuries while impaired by a controlled substance and driving while impaired by a dangerous substance.

During the accident investigation, the police learned that Behler was on a two-day cocaine binge before the collision and decided to take Xanax to bring him down from the cocaine. After taking the Xanax, the man drove to a grocery store. After leaving the store, he began dozing off behind the wheel.

Behler passed out, crossed the centerline, and struck the first two cyclists. Carter died on impact, and medics airlifted Adler to the University of Maryland R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. The other five cyclists sustained minor physical injuries. Maryland State Police obtained a mandatory blood test from Behler, and it showed cocaine, alprazolam, and benzoylecgonine.

In accidents of this nature, victims can also file a personal injury lawsuit against the impaired driver to get financial compensation. Contact our Maryland car accident lawyers for more information.


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