All Bay Bridge Lanes Reopened After Incident Stops Traffic for Hours

All Chesapeake Bay Bridge lanes reopened on the evening of October 3 after hours of lane closings on the westbound span. The traffic headed westbound was backed up 6.5 miles , the Maryland Transportation Authority said.

Around 7 p.m. the authority announced on Twitter that all lanes of both the bridges were opened again.

The incident happened on Bay Bridge, which spans between Sandy Point and Kent Island.

A Virginia man is getting criminal charges and almost two dozen traffic violations after Maryland Transportation Authority police said he did doughnuts on the Bay Bridge Sept. 27.

The charges against twenty-two-year-old Gary Ray Montague, Jr. from Dumfries, come after videos of his stunt on the westbound span of the bridge were posted on several social media platforms.

Transportation police began an investigation after learning about the videos. The videos show a small, dark coupe rotating its tires as it drives in circles on several lanes. Smoke rises from the asphalt as the tires rotate quickly.

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