Hundreds of Accidents Reported in Maryland During Snowstorm

Hundreds of accidents reported in Maryland during the last weekend of January were caused by a  winter storm that brought freezing rain, snow and sleet.  At least one of these crashes was fatal.

The roadways were icy and snowy and driving was very difficult and dangerous after the storm. Drivers approached the morning commute with caution. However, the snowstorm didn’t go without accidents. 

Road crews prepared the roads and most of them were mostly clear. Some less-travelled roads were the problem; they were slushy and frozen, but as long as drivers went slowly, they didn’t have any issues. Middletown Road was covered with snow and it was icy, and freezing rain did not help the condition. 

A car overturned on I-83 near the Hereford Zone on Monday morning. It was just one of the many collisions that happened. So far there is no info about the driver’s condition. 

Driving in such weather conditions is a double risk of accidents. Chances are you can end up in a single-accident if you aren’t careful.

Still, if another vehicle hits you, will the driver be at fault considering the fact that the roads were snowy and icy?

In such cases, it’s best if you seek legal help from a car accident attorney who has experience in this area. You can file a compensation claim even in such an accident. It’s everyone’s responsibility to drive carefully and safely even when the roads aren’t clean. 

Filing a lawsuit and seeing a compensation claim may be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it before and if you’re dealing with your injuries.

Let Pinder Plotkin’s skilled Maryland car accident attorneys help you with your case; they will also negotiate until the insurance company offers you a suitable amount for your damages. 


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