Severe Accident On Budds Creek Road Splits Car in Two and Traps Patient

A serious accident on Budds Creek Road ended in a car split in half and a person trapped and injured on April 2. 

The police arrived at the scene to discover a vehicle with severe damages and a patient trapped inside. The police were searching the scene to find other occupants that might have been ejected from the car. 

The trapped patient was successfully removed from the vehicle and airlifted to a nearby trauma center.  SMECO has been alerted to help on the scene of the accident on Budds Creek Road after being informed of a broken power line.

Complex accidents of this type require longer police investigation. If you were injured in a serious accident and sustained life-threatening injuries, besides the immediate medical help, you or your family should seek legal assistance.

An attorney should review your case from the very beginning. In most cases, the attorney will investigate the crash on their own. This will help them prepare for your case and help you file for a compensation claim. Harsh accidents are complex because they lead to severe injuries that may affect the victim’s life for good. Some injuries may prevent you from working and you’ll have to seek a compensation claim that will cover your future income loss. Let’s not forget about the high medical bills (surgeries, medications, hospital stays). Also, serious injuries leave an impact on people’s mental state. Your lawyer will advise you to seek a compensation claim for pain and suffering.

At the end of the day, seeking a compensation claim isn’t a smooth process and the insurers will work hard to offer a lower offer that might not be enough for all your damages. Allow the Pinder Plotkin team to review your case and take care of the rest. Contact our office and schedule your first free consultation with a Maryland car accident attorney


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