Severe Vehicle Accident in Montgomery County Injures Two

Two people were injured in a  single-vehicle accident in Montgomery County during the early hours of Tuesday, October 12th. The cause of the accident was not immediately available. 

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services Public Information Officer Pete Piringer said the accident occurred around 2:30 a.m. It happened on River Road near Spur Wheel Lane in Potomac. The electric vehicle involved went off the roadway and collided with a power pole.

The impact brought down several wires around the vehicle, leaving one of the occupants trapped. Piringer said they extricated the person out of the car and transported them to a hospital to treat critical injuries. The other occupant of the car who did not need rescuing suffered non-life-threatening wounds and received treatment at the hospital. 

The crash led to the closure of Spur Wheel Lane for about three hours while the investigators concluded their preliminary inquiry. Pepco also worked at the crash site to remove and replace the damaged power pole. The cause of the accident in Montgomery County remains under investigation, and there’s no additional information at this time. 

Traffic accidents are not uncommon on Maryland roadways. Accidents happen for several reasons ranging from the negligence of drivers to external factors outside their control. When a crash results from negligence and involves two vehicles or more, there will be a fault party or parties and victim or victims.

Under Maryland law, the fault party pays compensation to the victim. But where the victim contributed even 1% fault to the accident, they will not get any settlement. This is known as the contributory negligence doctrine.

If you were involved in an auto crash, get in touch with a Maryland car accident attorney with Pinder Plotkin, LLC, for legal advice and to learn what factors can affect your settlement sum. 


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