An accident claim can help you after a crash. Car accidents are traumatic experiences for all parties in the collision. Fortunately, Maryland is a fault accident state, meaning you can recover compensation for your losses from the driver. An experienced Maryland car accident lawyer can help you get the money you deserve. For example, suppose the accident kept you off work. Then, you can also recover your lost wages for that period.

However, you have to return to work at some point; the best time to do so may become an issue, though. This is because resuming too soon or too late may affect your Maryland car accident claim. Usually, a car accident attorney will work with your doctor to determine the appropriate time to resume work.

When Should I Resume Working After a Car Crash?

First, there’s no definite period within which car accident survivors must get back to work. Instead, your doctor is responsible for declaring you fit to resume work. The relevant timeline will thus depend on the circumstances of each accident claim. Disobeying your doctor’s instructions is, therefore, a bad idea.

Ignoring your doctor’s advice will mean that you either resumed too early or too late. We’ll explain the consequences of going back to work too soon below. However, there’s also a disadvantage to resuming late. If you get back to work long after your doctor cleared you for duty, you may be unable to claim lost wages within that window.

The fault party will argue that you intentionally refused to work when medically fit. Consequently, you cannot recover compensation except you can prove your doctor was wrong.

What if I Resume Too Soon?

Resuming too early means that you went back to work before your physician permitted you to do so. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea. Whatever the case, resuming work too soon can adversely affect your car accident claim. We’ll explain how this happens below.

Your Injuries May Worsen

An experienced physician can advise against going to work so that your injuries don’t worsen. This is because such early resumption can further aggravate your wounds. Even if you feel alright, it’ll be best to listen to your doctor’s expert opinion. You’ll be setting back your recovery process by resuming too early. Suppose you worsen your injuries by working soon after your injury. Then, the fault party may validly refuse to pay for the consequences of the aggravation.

The Insurance Company May Dispute the Severity of Your Wounds

Returning fully to work raises the presumption that you exaggerated your injuries. Working against your doctor’s advice can make the insurer argue that your wounds weren’t that serious. It’ll be worse if you can carry out your duties as you did before the collision.

Consequently, your action can weaken your personal injury claim. It may even become challenging to recover the medical bills you already spent. Therefore, stay off work until you reach maximum medical improvement. This way, you can escape the extra scrutiny from insurance companies.

What if I Don’t Think I’m Fit Enough to Resume Work?

A physician may give you a clean bill of health and advise you to resume work, but your body feels otherwise. Indeed, the doctor is the expert. However, you understand your body better than the doctor. For example, you might still experience pain when you perform stressful activities.

If this is the case, you can disobey your doctor’s recommendation to return to work. However, it’ll be best to get a second medical opinion on your fitness. Fresh insight into your physical condition is an intelligent move. The new doctor may agree with you, or they can recommend your resume work subject to some restrictions.

Whatever the case, you’ll be safer with a second medical analysis. Notably, it’ll also help to ask your doctor for an official document stating your work restrictions and how long they should last.

Let Our Maryland Car Accident Lawyers Help You Win

If you’ve been in a Maryland collision, you may be eligible for compensation. First, however, you need the best Maryland car accident claim attorneys. At Pinder Plotkin LLC, our experienced lawyers ensure the fault driver pays for their negligence. We do this by aggressively pursuing each case while protecting our clients’ rights.

As a result, we have won millions of dollars in settlements. Therefore, we guarantee excellent results and top-notch legal representation. In addition, you don’t have to worry about our fees as we work on a contingency fee basis. So, call us today for a FREE consultation on your car accident claim.

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