First Responders Injured in Motorcycle Collision in Frederick County

Eight people were injured in a motorcycle collision in Frederick County that happened on November 10, said Tom Cee, Frederick County Fire Chief.

According to the officials, one person was taken to shock trauma, one firefighter and one person were transported to Meritus Health and one firefighter was transported to Shock Trauma. Four people refused EMS treatment (one firefighter and three civilians).

Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue personnel were hit on the 12,900 block of Stottlemyer Road in Wolfsville. Two patients were airlifted with a helicopter, and two more patients were taken to local trauma centers, Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue informed on Twitter. 

Motorcycle accidents are one of the harshest, not only for the barely protected motorcyclists but also for other drivers and pedestrians.

Riding at high speed, splitting lanes, and the inability for drivers to notice the motorcycle on time lead to such accidents.

These people often suffer harsh injuries because the only protection they have is the helmet. Even if they wear it, it’s not excluded that they will end up with broken bones, spine injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Very often, motorcyclists end fatally. 

Motorcyclists just as drivers can contribute to accidents and can be held liable. Maryland is an at-fault state; this means that the driver who is at fault will be held liable. The liable driver is responsible for the medical expenses and other damage related to the accident.

If you were injured in such an accident, our team of attorneys can help you and represent you. While you recover, we will deal with other attorneys, other parties involved in the crash, and insurance companies.

To know more about your case, we suggest you contact one of our Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys for a consultation free of charge. 


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