4-Car Crash on US-50 WB Ends With One Dead and Two Injured

One man was killed and two other people were transported to the hospital after a four-car crash on US-50 WB on Friday afternoon. The accident blocked all lanes and caused major delays just before the afternoon rush hour. Prince George’s County Fire/EMS teams arrived at Rt. 50 WB near Kenilworth Avenue shortly before 12:30 p.m. and discovered two overturned vehicles.

The rescue crews informed that one person was ejected from their vehicle and another was trapped inside the car; there were a total of four patients after the crash on US-50 WB. The Rescue Squad crew managed to extricate the trapped person. According to PGFD, one man was declared dead at the scene and two others were taken for medical examination. The fourth person was evaluated at the scene by DC Fire & EMS.

Earlier in the day, two vehicles also collided on Rt. 50 EB about a mile before Rt. 197; one person ended up in the hospital with severe but non-life-threatening injuries.

Multiple-car accidents can be quite complex, but that should not change your mind when it comes to seeking your compensation claim. Even if you had minor injuries, you should talk to a car accident or a personal injury attorney and see how they will review your case. Some injuries won’t show symptoms until much later.

Be sure to always get medical help so every injury will be listed in your medical record. Later, this record can be a life-saver when you decide to seek your compensation claim. But just because you were injured, it doesn’t mean that the insurers are willing to pay a large claim. This is when your attorney comes to play. They know what to do, how to negotiate and get you the best possible outcome for you.

Pinder Plotkin is expecting your questions. 

Source: https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/local/maryland/fatal-car-crash-us-50-bw-parkway-kennilworth-avenue/65-1d5e9121-8fd4-41c0-9527-8bf7800f3b43

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